AEW star Brody King trends on Twitter after an Instagram story about police officers goes viral

AEW star Brody King published an Instagram story that included a photo of The Big Boss Man hanging from a noose at WWE Wrestlemania 15 with “All cops are Big Boss Man” as the caption. “Brody King” ended up trending on Twitter after fans shared the Instagram story. Twitter account @PWPNation wrote the following…

“Brody King, What the heck is wrong with you, man? ALL COPS? 🤦🏻‍♂️ There are bad people in every single industry all over the world. ALL INDUSTRIES.”

King has been critical of police officers on Twitter for the past several years. In 2020, King wrote please tell me more about how there’s ‘good cops'” in response to a story with the headline L.A. County Sheriffs Point Guns at Black Teens Who Were Under Attack.