AEW star addresses roster size criticism and says Tony Khan “is not afraid of anything”

AEW star Shawn Spears appeared at the K&S WrestleFest virtual signing and here are the highlights…

Criticism that the company’s roster size is too large: “They might not be working as regularly, or they might be gone for weeks at a time, but it is still better than the alternative, not having a job. It’s on the individual or the talent themselves to stay ready to be consistently trying to perfect their craft in any way shape or form. When you get that call are you ready to go or not? That’s what you’re in control of, the rest is out of your hands.”

Claim that AEW President Tony Khan won’t release talent because of fear they will sign with WWE: “I will say that Tony Khan is not afraid of anything. During the pandemic when a lot of people were being let go or a lot of people couldn’t get work on the independent scene and everything was being shut down, Tony was keeping those independent guys getting paid. He’s more generous than a lot of people think.” (quotes courtesy of