AEW said to be getting “paid very well” by WBD for the addition of their new show Collision

During the 2023 AEW Double or Nothing post-show media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan was asked if the company was being paid by Warner Brothers Discovery for the addition of their new show Collision…

“Yes, we’re definitely being paid for Collision and being paid very well. Yes, in addition to Dynamite and Rampage. We got a new contract. It’s more money, but it’s the same length of time. I was very excited about it. It was a great opportunity for us. It’s certainly very expensive to produce a two-hour live TV show, and on the weekend, doing it every week, it’s not going to be cheap, but it’s going to be great.”

“It was a great opportunity for the company to get more revenue to do more TV, but also grow another brand in addition to what we do with Dynamite and Rampage. It will be added production costs, and now we’re not producing Dark and Elevation, so there is some cost saving there. There will be increased costs, but it will also definitely increase revenue through, not only the ticket sales and the merch sales, but through license fees that we’re making because of an incremental change, increasing our compensation for Collision.” (quotes courtesy of