AEW Rampage spoilers for October 29th 2021 episode

After the October 27th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite went off the air, matches were taped for the October 29th edition of Rampage.

Here are the match results via Adam Cardoza and…

Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks & Chris Jericho are all at the desk tonight.

Semi-Finals for the AEW Championship Eliminator Tournament: Bryan Danielson beats Eddie Kingston. Unsurprisingly, these two beat the holy hell out of each other. Chests looking like hamburger after 5 min. Crowd hot and pretty split between the two. Danielson has to come back repeatedly as Kingston is chopping him dead. Eddie hits the back fist but collapses. Crowd on its feet. Eddie crawls over to make the pin finally but Danielson traps him in a head and arm triangle, throws a bunch of elbows to the dome and Eddie goes to sleep. This was absolutely fantastic. Eddie put his everything into this one and can’t bring himself to shake Danielson’s hand when offered.

CM Punk is backstage with Tony Shiavone. Punk is 5-0 in AEW. Eddie Kingston shouting from offscreen, comes in from his match, slaps the microphone away and gets in Punk’s face. Eddie gets pulled away as Punk calls him unprofessional.

Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush) beats Matt Sydel. Sydel is clearly worried about Rush at ringside and gets a respectful handshake from Martin, as if to signify he will fight honorably. A chess match of high flying, quick transitions, flips, counters and reversals. These two know each other really well. Sydel getting the upper hand here and Dante’s in trouble several times. Dante fires back (with Rush cheering him on) and hits a triangle slingshot moonsault for the pin. This was a lot of fun.

Mark Henry interviews Abadon and Britt Baker before their main event clash. If Abadon wins, she get a title shot! Also, it’s no DQ!

Dr Britt Baker DMD beats Abadon (No DQ). Baker’s goon squad is all zombied up. Baker is scared of the real thing though. Baker goes for the hardware early. Zombies don’t sell chair shots but they do hit X-factors and sentons onto them. It’s a very pro-Abadon crowd. Fight to the apron, swinging neckbreaker and the table they land on doesn’t break. Baker suplexes Abadon onto the table. It still doesn’t break. Abadon grabs ye olde bag of thumbtacks. Baker comes running and eats a rock bottom into tacks. Yeeeeow. Baker sabu’s a chair, wraps Abadon’a head in the chair and curb stomps it. NO SELL. Baker stuffs her mouth with tacks and kicks them out. Baker tries the lockjaw but Abadon bites the hand that fed her (tacks). It’s time for the goons to distract Abadon, Baker comes and rolls up Abadon for the three. This was a great car crash to close out the night