AEW Rampage: Grand Slam 2022 to be a two-hour show

During an interview with Dave Meltzer of, AEW President Tony Khan talked about the upcoming AEW Rampage: Grand Slam event at Arthur Ashe Stadium…

“I’m really excited to get Rampage back to where it was. I can actually give you some news about Rampage, which is that we’re gonna have a two-hour Rampage at Grand Slam again. Which I don’t think I’ve told anybody but I thought since I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought I’d give you some good news.” (quote courtesy of

Last year’s AEW Rampage: Grand Slam was a two-hour show that ended at midnight. Hour one drew 727,000 viewers with a 0.32 rating in 18 to 49 and the second hour drew 552,000 viewers with a 0.25 rating in 18 to 49. Rampage’s viewership has been mostly under 500,000 viewers during 2022.