AEW President Tony Khan reportedly declined talks with CW network about a potential ROH television deal

Earlier this week, it was announced that WWE NXT will be moving to the CW Network and there were also prior rumors of CW potentially picking up the NWA brand. According to Nick Hausman of, there were at least two other “notable” promotions other than the NWA and WWE NXT that CW was in talks with recently.

According to Hausman, a high-level CW executive approached AEW President Tony Khan at the Los Angeles Forum in June of 2022 about potentially bringing Ring of Honor content to the network. Hausman stated the following…

“From what we understand, Khan did not pursue talks with The CW as he refuses to seriously entertain new deals for ROH until AEW TV rights are in play, which will be in 2024. Khan feels that by waiting, he will have more options and leverage in the marketplace. It was noted to Haus of Wrestling that Khan found the CW executive to be very pleasant and someone he enjoyed visiting with, but it was just not the right time to make a deal.”