AEW President Tony Khan addresses criticism of his social media activity on Twitter/X

In recent months, AEW President Tony Khan has been active on Twitter/X and he received some criticism over his posts. During an interview with Adrian Hernandez, Khan was asked about the criticism of his social media activity and here was Khan’s response…

“We’ve been able to promote the show and build engagement. Also, the company has a great presence. We have a great connection with the fans. We’ve been able to build real engagement at times. There is tangible proof of that and our huge TV ratings and the fact that three of the last four weeks, Dynamite has beat the NBA on ESPN straight up. We’ve had great success connecting with our fans. I think what we have going works really well.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

AEW star Daniel Garcia recently defended Khan’s Twitter/X activity and said Khan “can do whatever he wants.”