AEW could potentially start doing monthly PPV events as part of a new deal with Warner Bros Discovery

AEW and Warner Bros Discovery are in negotiations to extend their television deal and according to Fightful Select, WBD has proposed an extension of AEW’s PPV schedule. Fightful noted the following…

“A WBD source told Fightful that they mentioned the very likely possibility of significantly expanding the AEW PPV schedule, even to one a month. We’re told that this is something that Warner Bros. Discovery has wanted.”

Fightful added that it’s not clear if these would be standalone events or included in a MAX streaming deal as WBD sources did not elaborate on the matter. The broadcast of All In at Wembley Stadium has reportedly been discussed with the TV rights extension talks.

At this point, it’s believed that nothing has been finalized but the expanded schedule has been discussed.