AEW Collision drops to record-low viewership against WWE Payback and football competition

The September 2nd 2023 edition of AEW Collision, which went up against the 2023 WWE Payback PLE and football, drew 345,000 viewers with a 0.11 rating in the P18-49 demo. It was the lowest viewership for Collision to date and wrote the following…

“A new low for Collision in total viewership and P18-49 as it went head-to-head with WWE Payback and Peacock and LSU vs. Florida State on ABC. Full ranking info isn’t available yet but Collision was outranked in P18-49 by at least 25 sports telecasts on Saturday.”

AEW Rampage on September 1st drew the same 0.11 rating in the P18-49 demo and actually had a slightly larger overall audience at 372,000.

Brandon Thurston noted that the first quarter hour, which included Tony Khan’s statement about CM Punk being fired, drew 472,000 viewers with a 0.18 rating in the P18-49 demo. The show’s viewership declined after that and the final quarter hour drew 244,000 viewers with a 0.08 rating in the P18-49 demo.