Adam Cole opens up about the split of the Undisputed Era

In an interview with, Adam Cole commented on the split of the Undisputed Era faction in WWE NXT…

“It was conflicting emotions. I had been, literally, attached to the hip to Kyle, Bobby and then Roddy my entire run in NXT. The moment I debuted I was standing beside Kyle and Bobby. Everything I had known about my time in NXT was Undisputed ERA. Going in a different direction was scary. Also, it happened so fast. It wasn’t this thing that we were preparing for, it was something that fell into our laps. We had very little time to process it or think about it, but looking at it now, I absolutely think it was the right call.

“It’s never going to feel – especially when you have the chemistry we had – it’s never going to feel like the perfect time. However, I do think development-wise for all of us individually, it’s been really, really important. I had the time of my life in the Undisputed Era – I really, really did – but I do think it was a good call.”

Adam Cole says Undisputed Era split wasn’t something they were preparing for

As the leader of the Undisputed Era, Cole had a 403-day NXT title reign filled with countless classic encounters, but now he is out on his own. The most beloved faction in NXT history met its demise back in February of this year and at The Great American Bash next Tuesday, Cole will go head-to-head with fellow former member, Kyle O’Reilly.