Adam Cole addresses speculation about his future with WWE

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of, WWE NXT star Adam Cole addressed speculation about him joining RAW or Smackdown when live crowds return…

“There is so much to do (in NXT). I find it so flattering that there are people that want to see Adam Cole on RAW or Smackdown so, so badly. But then there’s another group that’s like no, I want him to stay in NXT. Right now, the possibilities of things to do on any of the three brands feels endless for me. It just feels exciting across the board.”

“Being able to stay in NXT, even with the 403-day reign and being a triple-crown winner and all that stuff, I’ve been with the brand for such a longtime and I’ve seen it grow so much that it’s really fun to be a part of that process. I would love to win the NXT title again. I would love to face Samoa Joe. I would love the chance to wrestle Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. There’s so many possibilities within that brand.”

“Then of course with RAW or Smackdown there’s a bunch of talent that I haven’t had the chance to wrestle yet that I would love to as well. So it’s exciting, but there is definitely plenty for me to do in NXT yet. By no means am I biding my time or saying ‘OK, I’m just waiting any day now’ to go to RAW or Smackdown. I do not feel that way at all.”

“And that’s not saying I don’t want to go; of course the idea of getting to go up there and compete on those brands is very exciting to me. But I am not dragging my feet by any means just waiting – at all. I’m so proud of what our brand brings to the table. I love the roster. I love the crew. I love the show we bring week-to-week. I definitely am proud to be in NXT.”

Adam Cole names goals in NXT including Samoa Joe match before main roster move

Many feel that Adam Cole has achieved so much in NXT that the time is approaching where he should realise some of the dream matches that await him on the main roster. Since joining in 2017, the 31 year old has been at the forefront of the tremendous growth the brand has experienced and after nearly two years on the USA Network, the milestones keep coming.