The Rock returns to WWE television during the “Day 1” 2024 edition of RAW

During the January 1st 2024 “Day 1” edition of WWE RAW, Jinder Mahal came out as the “former WWE champion” that was hyped up and cut a promo about being the fans having the “audacity” to be disappointed. Mahal insulted the United States and that led to The Rock coming to the ring to confront Mahal.

The Rock and Mahal had a verbal exchange. Rock got the fans to chant “Day 1 Douchebag” at Mahal and then sang his own version of the National Anthem. Mahal attacked Rock but Rock fought back and laid out Mahal with a people’s elbow.

Rock then got on the mic and said he was hungry. Rock teased a match with Roman Reigns by asking if he should sit at a booth, a bar, or at the head of the table.

Earlier in the day, Rock was in Pasadena, CA for ESPN College Gameday. WWE President Nick Khan was spotted with Rock and that led to internet speculation about Rock possibly appearing on RAW.