2.0 comment on their debut during the August 4th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite

The tag team 2.0 (formerly Ever Rise in NXT) debuted with AEW on the August 4th 2021 edition of Dynamite.

Matt Lee (formerly Matt Martel) and Jeff Parker (formerly Chase Parker) commented on the appearance during their podcast…

Lee: “In two days, we did more than we did in two years. It takes balls to do that. Two new guys in the company, to put that trust in them on national television against three of your top guys. It takes balls.”

Parker: “Our run in NXT was what it was and we made the best of it, we had some good stuff, but it’s not being thrown into a match with the top three (faces).”

Lee: “We want to be on Dynamite every week and be a focal point of the company. We want to contribute in every way. On social media, on Dark, host shows, pushing Daniel Garcia along. They really gave us a lot of opportunities in two days.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)

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