WWE’s Nikki Cross shares photo of herself from 2014 along with a message about mental health

WWE star Nikki Cross shared a photo of herself from 2014 along with the following message about mental health…

“This photo was taken in 2014. Yes, I know I look hot and sexy and s*** But I was absolutely miserable.

Through no fault of the photographer, the immensely talented Fiona Fraser. She was wonderful in making me feel as comfortable as she could. But I was miserable in this photo. I had a terrible relationship with food. I had a terrible relationship with myself. I hated myself. Going to therapy was the best decision I ever made. I look at recent photos now and I’m like ‘I look more happy now.’ Because I am. I didn’t tell people I went to therapy because I didn’t want to look mentally soft or weak. My god, that is absolutely the wrong mindset. Asking for help is strong. Taking the time to take care of yourself is strong. There’s also more important things to life than other’s perceptions of you.

Long story short. I’m just saying, please be kind. Be empathetic. Truly, a photo is worth a thousand words. Luckily I’m not going to write a thousand words.”