WWE referee Jessika Carr shows off her physical transformation with inspirational message

WWE referee Jessika Carr shared the following via Instagram…

“I’ve had incredible momentum with changing some things up under the guidance of my nutrition coach @mrs.deyampert the past month or so.

I wore this dress to my tryout when I was at my leanest in 2017. When I was in that chapter of life, I didn’t know how fuel my body, diet properly or train effectively.

After my tryout I really struggled again with my weight and figuring out what worked for me long term. I gained 25-30 lbs in the following years and just didn’t understand how to fix it.

I never fit into this dress after that time in my life, until today, 6 years later. I always wanted to fit back in it because I just felt like a boss babe. I’m not even to my end goal and we are already back in.

There was a time when I couldn’t lift this past my hips. I’m just so thrilled, grateful and excited to push for more. 🩵🥺💪🏻”