Wrestling fans leave reviews for Mindy’s Bakery following CM Punk’s media scrum rant

CM Punk blasted Adam Page and Colt Cabana during the 2022 AEW All Out PPV’s post-show media scrum. Punk also took aim at AEW’s EVPs (The Elite) when he said “if you’re an EVP you don’t try to belittle your top babyface to try to get your niche audience that’s on the internet to hate him for some made-up bullsh*t rumor.”

During the rant, Punk was eating muffins that came from Mindy’s Bakery in Chicago. The bakery’s Google page had numerous wrestling fans chiming in with reviews. Here were some of them…

“I would punch a evp at my job for one of there muffins”

“I share a joint bank account with my mother and we spend a majority of our earnings here on muffins and pastries. Gets us through the headache of working with children everyday”

“Hey, if a grumpy, brittle and narcissistic old man who have physically assaulted his higher-ups based off rumors he made up in his own head is able to actually like something other than HIMSELF then it must be REAAAAALLY good. Give this place a try”

“Great for my old unathletic body”

“Amazing muffins but this ‘Ciemp Unk’ guy came up to me near the entrance crying about not main eventing wrestlemania? Weird.”

“So good that I’d be willing to get suspended from work for them!”

“Great place. You don’t have to be an overpaid, over-the-hill wrestler with little man syndrome to be able to afford the delicious muffins.”

“Eating cupcakes from here beats eating chairs any day of the week”