Video clips from the early 2000s of Hulk Hogan criticizing Mick Foley and Foley’s response

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan said the following about Mick Foley during an interview with TSN’s Off The Record in the early 2000s…

“Would probably say I’ve trained more in the last week than Mick Foley’s trained in 30 years. You know, I went ahead while Mick Foley was sleeping and eating cheeseburgers and M&Ms. I was in the gym working out. I work out 2 hours a day. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. It depends on where you want to be. The early bird ain’t no worm. I mean, when these guys are sleeping, I’m training. When these guys are driving at night sometimes and partying, whatever, I’ll go back home and I’ll train. It all depends on how much respect you have for yourself. Now, nothing against Mick Foley, I didn’t have to prostitute my body and throw myself over the coals into the fire and the glass to make a dollar. I decided to train and go another way.”

Foley later appeared on the same show and issued a response…

“He’s never wrestled with me. I think if you ask guys like the rock and guys like stone cold if I was in shape when I wrestled them, if you asked Shawn Michaels if I in shape when I put in 27 minutes with him in 1996, I think they’d say I was in deceptively good shape. I’m not trying to excuse myself, because part of the reason I retired earlier than I should have is all the damage that the extra weight may have done to my knees and back, and that cost me. But for hulk hogan to say that, I think is a lie. And I think it’s kind of cruel. And I think if Hulk Hogan were to have wrestled me in his career, that he would sound more or less like a whiny girl in a porno film saying, ‘not so fast and not so hard,’ because he didn’t like the contact. So the reason I’m out early and he’s around there when he’s 49 years old is because I put out, and I gave people their money’s worth. He did in a different way. He was a great entertainer, but at the same time, you didn’t to apologize to your friends for watching a Mick Foley match. And sometimes, I know when I was on the Larry King show and they were watching Hulk in action, it was embarrassing for me to be considered to be in that same profession as he was because his stuff was so obviously weak. And I’m taking that out. It’s a little aggression that I would normally say, but, yeah, that’s pretty brutal stuff for a guy of his magnitude.”

[Throwback] When Hulk Hogan tried to bury Mick Foley and Foley put him in his place.
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