Owen Hart AOL chat transcript from 1997 about tag team wrestling, WCW, and more topics

Here is a transcript from an Owen Hart AOL chat prior to Wrestlemania 13 in March of 1997. The transcription was archived by the website www.angelfire.com/ut/owenhart…

OnlineHost: Tonight’s WWF Superstar will be OWEN HART!!! Find out what the problem is between Owen & Davey! The Slammy Award winner will have his trophy with him! Ladies…..and Gentlemen welcome Owen Hart!

Question: will you ever challenge for the WWF title, when, and I would like to congratulate you on your fine victory over your lousy brother Bret

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Where have you been? I’ve been challenging since becoming the King of Hearts you loser! And it’s sad to think how many former champions that I’ve BEATEN when they didn’t have the title! Such as Shawn Michaels. . . Yokozuna….my stinkin brother Bret too!!

Question: Owen You shook the hand of Davey Boy but are you in anyway jealous?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: We all know that I could have beaten him if I really wanted to. I kicked out of his Powerslam!! And no one has EVER done that before! I let him get to the ropes when I had my Sharpshooter on him….after all, it was his hometown crowd!

Question: Owen, do you feel you carried the Bulldog to the tag team titles?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Absolutely, and I’m still carrying him! And I refuse to carry him along with that European Belt. . . so he had better keep focused on what got him here in the first place! Or I will MAKE sure he does!

Question: Owen, tell us the truth. What is the problem between you and Davey?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: There is no real problem you dolt! Except for other people instigating problems…like Vince McMahon, Bret and even Stone Cold! Bulldog and I were successful at the last In Your House against LaFon and Furnas, so our skills are better than ever!

Question: Do you think your match last night effected you and The Bulldog’s ability to coerce as a tag team unit?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I’m more optimistic…and I think it brought unity and respect for one another. I’m not a sore loser like Bret is…I have respect for Davey. I wonder if Bulldog lost…if he would have been such a good sport as I was.

Question: Owen, what do you think about the return of LOD? Are they a threat for your title?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I think LOD was good in the past. But I know Animal has had back problems, and they are getting older where as me and Davey are just getting better. I wasn’t impressed with their return on RAW when they couldn’t even beat the Headbangers. Let LOD step up to the plate and take a swing at us!!

Question: Do you and Bret think you will ever patch things up?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I spoke to Bret in Germany and after he lost to me in the tournament, and it brought on new problems on the road to getting our friendship being repaired.

Question: Owen, are you happy with your current push in WWF, and are you hoping for more of a push in singles this coming year?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: What push? I fight for everything I get. Of course, it isn’t enough! I want to be on the magazine cover too!!!

Question: Would you ever consider joining the Nation Of Domination?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Never. I was so glad to just get rid of Clarence that I don’t think I could deal with the rest of those goons

Question: What wrestler did you look up to growing up in Calgary?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I always liked Dory Funk Jr. and Billy Robinson. I liked the Butcher Vachon but I was scared of him. As I got older, Dynamite Kid was ironically another one of my favorites. I’m sure Dynamite knows what it’s like to carry Davey. . . that’s why he had to have back surgery

Question: Owen, what do you think of the current Tag Team situation in the WWF? And who is your biggest threat ?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I think its a weak tag division right now. Of course, the new arrivals like Blackjacks and LOD can only help.

Question: Owen. . . with the Slammy Awards coming up. Do you feel you will another Slammy? And for what category?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I don’t know if I am in a category…but when my hand was hurt, I should have won Best Supporting Cast! My cast smelled, but it wasn’t like Pig Pen and his blanket! But I’m sure Mankind’s finger thing is pretty rosy smelling too!

Question: Owen, what were your thoughts on the ECW on Raw while you were in Germany?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: That is gonna only boost ECW…it’s like a bunch of parasites jumping onto Vince’s ship. The guys that are here are carrying the company and I certainly don’t want to carry a bunch of guys from ECW

Question: What do you miss most about the Calgary Stampede wrestling?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Calgary was a good learning center for young talent. That talent went onto become the best. 10 years ago no one knew about it. Now, it’s closed down, but the young guys like me, Jericho, Liger and Benoit, and Pillman are all in the major Federations. All these guys who broke into the big time trained in Calgary…..and now look where they are

Question: Owen…do you still talk to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart? and what is he doing today?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Jim is trying to sell his house in Florida and come and freeload off my dad up here! He’s wrestling in independents. I would once again love to have him as my partner if I ever had the chance again.

Question: Owen, would you ever consider Sunny as your manager of the WWF Tag Team Champs?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: No. Then she would have to think about a divorce. In reality…I want to stay away from managers right now…like Fuji, Cornette, Mason and the others….just extra problems to me. When you are a Slammy winner like me you don’t need them!

Question: Owen. . . with the violence in professional wrestling today. Do you feel that you have to change your style?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: No. . . I don’t have to. I don’t like the violence. I like to do what I think the people would like to watch. I think if you can be hated just by using your personality and not a frying pan than you can make it far

Question: Owen, being that you have been in the WWF for a while. Do you feel WWF Superstars should be role models?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I think they should be. I don’t know if a lot of them are anymore. I guess I am a role model…in a way…the online fans love me I know 🙂 The “bad” guys are usually the best guys to look up to out of the ring!

Question: Owen….what do you have to say to people who criticize Prof . Wrestling?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: That depends how they do it. If they think it is sleazy or violent, then they haven’t watched my matches. If they think we’re not athletes then they are dead wrong. There may be some things wrong in wrestling, but you have to give all of us credit for doing what we do all year long to make people happy

Question: Owen, what do you think about WCW and the nWo?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I think originally it was good, but the last time I saw it Eric Bischoff was kissing some fat hog. I think they are losing their “cool” image

Question: What do you think of Vince McMahon? Has he given you respect that you deserve?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I’m grateful to Vince for giving me a chance. At times I think I could be getting more respect and more chances, but patience is a virtue with me! If I ever get a REAL big break….then it will be the best thing to happen in my career.

Question: Why do you think that Raw has been beaten by Nitro in the ratings for the past 8 months, even if Raw has been the better show out of the two ?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Well, I think Nitro has the two hour slot in the past…it gave them more time to take away the crowd. I think wrestling has it’s slumps. . . and when you are on top like the WWF has been I think you peak…then you go down a little, and that allowed WCW to come up with the NWO, and that allowed WCW to take some of our talent and use them.

Question: Owen, would you ever considering leaving the WWF?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Unless things got real bad here then I don’t plan on leaving.

Question: Do you want another shot at the Bulldog’s European Title?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I would like to get another shot at him to prove to him who really the best is. If he wants to give me that shot, I will assure you that it will go the other way. I gave everything I had to beat Bret, and I can do it with Davey too under the same circumstances.

Question: When you were the Blue Blazer is it true WWF Officials tried to hide you so you wouldn’t overshadow Bret?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I guess. They didn’t want two brothers wrestling at the same time. With my style and under a mask, they thought I could be something like a Marvel Comic Book hero

Question: Owen. . . who do you feel is the most underrated in Wrestling today?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: A guy like Aldo Montoya….he’s a great athlete and very young. And Rad Radford isn’t bad….IF he can ever get back here!!

Question: What are your feelings on Rocky Maivia ? A lot of people on the Internet thinks he’s the worst Intercontinental Champion of all-time !

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I think it did Rocky more harm winning the belt so soon. But really he is one of the best athletes that has come along here in a long time. He will be one of the best someday. He’s big and fast and has a good attitude about the sport…plus he’s third generation…wrestling blood. If he gets enough time he will be a great. I think he is better than guys like Warrior and Ahmed…..

Question: Owen, what would you be doing right now if you weren’t in the WWF?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I’d probably be a full time fireman in Calgary or a schoolteacher. I would teach history or English if I could. And I would also coach football and wrestling. I plan to coach both in a few years when I am done wrestling

Question: How do you feel about the women in Prof. Wrestling? Is there a place for them?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: No place at all….go clean a house!! Tell ’em to get the #$@ out!

Question: Owen. . . is there one Wrestler out there you would like to see in the WWF?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: I wouldn’t mind seeing Neidhart come back. That’s because it would give my sister and dad a break with him.

Question: Owen. . . what kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to get in Prof Wrestling?

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Get a proper education FIRST! Don’t get yourself scammed by some promoter or waste years of your life just to find out the sport wasn’t what you thought it was.

OnlineHost: Owen Hart thanks for joining us tonight!

WWFBBANKS: Owen: Rumors are myself and Bulldog are defending the title at WrestleMania…against some of Paul Bearer’s guys….maybe Mankind and Vader in fact! It will be a TRUE test of our friendship after what happened in Berlin! I’ll ALSO be coming out of the Slammys with MORE Slammy Awards! I’ll carry my trophies AND Bulldog at WrestleMania! Later PUKES!

OnlineHost: Thanks again. . . Owen…and thanks Bill for helping out!

OnlineHostj: Thanks again for joining us Tonight!

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