‘It’s All About Schiavone’ parody of Adam Cole’s AEW theme song

From YouTube user StephenChesneyMusic:

“After all the amazing feedback to the short clip i’d done a rough recording of for Tonys What Happened When podcast and being asked for a full version, Here is the full version of Its All About Schiavone (Bay Bay!) – A rerecording and remake with a very different spin (lol) of Mikey Rukus’ awesome All About Tha Boom theme used in All Elite Wrestling.

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Had a blast recording and producing the tune for this for Tony and his What Happened When podcast (Go Subscribe now! Oh, hey, if ya got a chuckle outta this, share it! And subscribe to my channel while you’re at it so that I have reason to make more stuff :).

See if you can spot JR singing backup vocals hehehe.

Huge thanks to Stephan Kohnke for bringing back his beastie boys persona 😁 and Kris Macdonald for the amazing video work.

Sorry Adam…. But it’s actually all about you know who.