First ever Wrestling Show in Gibraltar

LDN Superstars and LDN Wrestling Promoter Sanjay Bagga outside the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. © David J Diaz

Over the weekend, Gibraltar played host to its first ever Wrestling event. Granted it wasn’t WWE, AEW or any other big promotion but LDN Wrestling definitely brought it all.

LDN Wrestling was formed in November 2004 by lifelong wrestling fan Sanjay Bagga. The aim of the company at the time was to build a brand that could tour the country under the LDN name. London is the most well known capital city in the world and Sanjay felt it was time to celebrate the fact this country is great and put the “British” back in “British wrestling”.


LDN toured mostly London based venues until March 2007 when it signed a national television deal with The Wrestling Channel, and in over 2 years made history as the longest running British wrestling show since the days of World of Sport on ITV.


LDN Capital TV as it became known also produced some key moments that will long live in the memory. The man of 1,000 holds and former 10-time lightweight champion of the world Johnny Saint came out of retirement to thrill fans old and new as he defeated another great star in Johnny Kidd. And then one of the most remarkable and unique performers in the history of British wrestling, the legendary Kendo Nagasaki also came out of retirement and ended up feuding with then-champion Yorghos. LDN also established its own stars such as the “Notorious” Jon Ritchie, who dominated the sport for over 5 years, and he was closely followed by today’s main top performer, Alan Lee Travis who is now the main face of LDN.


LDN Wrestling now tours the country putting on events the entire family can enjoy from theatres to town hall, and in 2012 it became the largest promotion in Europe staging well over 150 shows a year.


In 2013, LDN Wrestling was approached by Wos Wrestling LTD to help produce the World of Sport TV taping at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. The event took place in November infront of the biggest crowd Fairfield has seen in 10 years with former WWE Superstar Matt Striker main eventing against the legendary Johnny Kidd in front of a crowd of nearly 1000 people.


Fit Finlay, Sabu Matt Striker, MJF, Flip Gordon are a few names who have toured and worked for LDN.



As is customary with small intimate shows, you get the feel of it all much more and being ringside as a photographer was an experience I won’t soon forget, it was on my bucket list and a dream come true.

The event took place onboard the luxurious Sunborn Yacht Hotel. It was a joy to see many people attend the event, it was my little boy’s first ever wrestling show too so that made me quite happy too. He surely loved it all, the cheering, the booing and even getting to meet the wrestlers themselves after was enough for him. He will definitely not forget it either.

For a separate cost, there was a Backstage Pass available to purchase at the merchandise stand for those in attendance wanting to meet the wrestlers.

As a professional wrestling aficionado, it was special to watch some wrestling on home turf and sincerely hope it’s not the last!



King of Gibraltar Tournament:

Hot Shot Joey Scott defeated Olly Lloyd

Alan Lee Travis beat Antonio Adamo


Alan Lee Travis defeated Joey Scott in a No Holds Barred match to win the title King of Gibraltar.

The EU Mafia defeated Team Great Britain and The Spanish Power

Olly Lloyd won a 12 man over the top rope Battle Royal!

LDN Wrestling promoter Sanjay Bagga said: “It was a real honour to bring wrestling to Gibraltar. We had a fantastic crowd who left wanting us to come back. I am pleased to say we will return in 2022! Thank you to great people of Gibraltar to their hospitality!”