30 signs that you watch too much wrestling

If you are reading NoDQ.com, there’s already a good chance you watch too much wrestling. Here are 30 signs that you might need to cut back on your wrestling fandom…

1. When you hear police or ambulance sirens, you think of Scott Steiner.

2. You refer to everyone as “brother.”

3. Something smells good in the kitchen and you think of the The Rock.

4. You spit out your drink like Triple H.

5. When you see a middle finger, you think of Steve Austin.

6. When you walk into a room full of people, you expect entrance music to be played.

7. While attending a graduation, you hear Pomp and Circumstance and think of Randy Savage.

8. You get mad when people think WCW means Women Crush Wednesday.

9. You see “Zayn” trending online and get mad when it’s about the singer Zayn Malik and not Sami Zayn.

10. When politicians argue on television, you think they should settle things inside a steel cage.

11. When a good person does something bad, you say that they “turned heel.”

12. When someone is bleeding, you say that they are “hardcore.”

13. You try to use WWE moves in a real fight.

14. You see a table and you want to put someone through it.

15. You see a ladder and you want to jump off it.

16. You see a folding chair and you want to hit someone with it.

17. You get fired from your job and you come back the next day while wearing a mask.

18. You use the word “gimmick” to describe non-wrestling television characters.

19. Whenever a public speaker makes a mistake, you say that they “botched” their line.

20. You use the term “Space Mountain” to describe your sex life.

21. You insist on shaking hands like Hulk Hogan did with Randy Savage.

22. When someone praises you, you say that you were “put over” by them.

23. You refer to fans from other sports as “marks.”

24. You stomp the ground while throwing a punch and slap your leg while kicking.

25. You drink beer like Steve Austin and smash the can over your head like The Sandman.

26. You try to start wrestling chants at non-wrestling events.

27. When someone makes a childish insult, you say that they are getting “cheap heat.”

28. While making a grocery list, you think of Chris Jericho’s list.

29. When something or someone outside of wrestling gets heavily cheered, you say it got a “huge pop.”

30. You associate the number “30” with the Royal Rumble.