Report claims WWE being sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund

Following the news of Stephanie McMahon’s resignation, rumors began to surface on social media in regards to a WWE sale and Saudi Arabia was mentioned. Back on January 6th, first reported that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund could be a possible bidder for WWE.

On Tuesday night, Reddit user kerrmit125 (who has broken news stories in the past) wrote WWE has been sold.”

Steven Muehlhausen of tweeted the following on Tuesday night…

“Sources: WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. The company will go back to being private. Unknown if Vince McMahon will return to head of creative but it is expected by some people.”

Cassidy Haynes of also tweeted, “For what it’s worth, I’m told the Saudi deal is done and they’re taking the company private.”

As of late Tuesday night, people in WWE did not confirm the reports. Sean Ross Sapp of noted that “NOBODY IN WWE HAS CONFIRMED THIS — some have even said they don’t believe it!” Brent Brookhouse of wrote, “I can’t even get a response from basically anyone in WWE. As I’ve said all night, this is all second and third hand stuff (that I’ve heard anyway) but everything is hitting the same notes. THAT SAID, it could all have the same (incorrect) starting point and have spread outward. The reality is, I don’t think ANYONE is going to have any sort of confirmation of ANYTHING tonight. It’s after 11 p.m. ET on a weeknight. You’re not getting an announcement or real confirmation of something like this at this time on a Tuesday.”