MJF vs Goldberg: Let’s squash this dream match

In recent Twitter discussions, a question has surfaced among pro-wrestling fans: could the past-his-prime Goldberg possibly win against the rising prodigy Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF)? With MJF’s undeniable skills and charisma, and Goldberg’s heyday far behind him, it seems like a near-impossible feat. Here’s an analysis of the factors at play in this hypothetical match-up, showcasing the slim chances of an upset victory for Goldberg.

An Uphill Battle Against Youth:

MJF, with youth on his side, possesses the agility, stamina, and speed that Goldberg simply cannot match at his age. The mid-50s veteran would struggle to keep up with MJF’s relentless pace, showcasing the stark contrast between the young powerhouse and the aging legend.

Technique Over Raw Power:

While Goldberg may have once been celebrated for his brute strength, MJF’s extraordinary technical prowess has redefined the standards of pro-wrestling. MJF’s diverse move set, combining grappling, high-flying maneuvers, and ring psychology, is a testament to the future of the sport. Goldberg’s outdated reliance on power moves would be futile against the superior skill of MJF.

The Charisma Gap:

MJF’s magnetic charisma and mic skills are unparalleled, giving him a clear edge in engaging the audience and intimidating opponents. In comparison, Goldberg’s quest for headbutting a brick wall and diminished stage presence make him a weak rival to the captivating MJF. The psychological warfare, so crucial in pro-wrestling, would inevitably be won by MJF.

Struggling to Adapt:

Goldberg’s wrestling style, rooted in the past, struggles to find a place in the rapidly evolving sport. The inability to embrace innovative techniques and strategies would place him at a significant disadvantage against the forward-thinking MJF. The changing landscape of pro-wrestling has simply left Goldberg behind.


While some may hold out hope for Goldberg to pull off an upset victory against the formidable Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the reality is that it would be nothing short of a far-fetched dream. MJF’s incredible talent, charisma, and youth make him an unstoppable force that even a once-legendary wrestler like Goldberg cannot hope to overcome. If Goldberg didn’t like losing to Roman, he’s going to hate losing to MJF even more. The wrestling world must acknowledge the new era led by prodigies like MJF, while gracefully allowing past heroes like Goldberg to bow out.

Robbie Vice