Wrestle Review: Who Can It Be Now?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/20/2021 at 11:21 AM

The Road to Wrestlemania makes a very pivotal stop inside the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Headlined by two chamber matches and an easy win for Roman Reigns, a few more attraction matches are happening as well. Let's run it down.

Bobby Lashley is supposed to defend the United States championship in a triple threat against Riddle and Keith Lee. Will Lee be in the match or no? It looks to me like they're positioning Riddle to become champion. Lashley losing this title to cause him to snap and finally propel him back into the Universal title picture. Do we really want to see another Drew/Lashley feud for the title, though?

The WWE Championship Chamber match with Drew being challenged by Sheamus, AJ, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston shouldn't bring a new champion. I'd love to see Kofimania 2 but it's not going to happen. The reason it won't happen is Mustafa Ali. Remember Kofimania 1? Kofi took Ali's spot, didn't he? That's what Ali's whole beef with Kofi and the matches with Xavier Woods has been about. I'm thinking Ali takes out Kofi and takes his spot in the chamber. That's the only drama here, though. Drew retains.

We have a unique situation pertaining to the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns isn't in the chamber defending. Instead, he will pick th bones of the winner that same night. If this doesn't confirm that we're getting Reigns/Edge for the Universal title at Mania, I don't know what will. I figure it's a foregone conclusion. Also, I think all of Kevin Owens' failures will finally make him snap and turn heel(again). Owens wins the chamber and loses to Reigns in quick fashion. As much as I would love a Cesaro win here, I think they're shooting for Rollins vs Cesaro at Mania. Just a hunch. That's all for Elimination Chamber but I've got one more thing.

When I was watching Dynamite and heard Mox vs Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship at Revolution in a freaking barbed wire death match, I was intrigued and excited! What I felt, and what I figure I'll feel watching the match live is what I felt watching my first Hell In A Cell match decades ago. Yes, I've read of Mick Foley's barbed wire death matches but I've never seen one live. I'm also keeping my eye on the Inner Circle drama that is sure to explode (no pun intended) at the show. Makes you wonder what this Wednesday will bring.

That's all she wrote for me this weekend. Enjoy Elimination Chamber if you're so inclined. I'll catch you next weekend!

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