What Nia Jax's Butthole Says About WWE's Product
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By @JDBWrestling

Right now, somewhere, Vince Russo is giggling like a 12-year-old because Nia Jax's butthole was the most notable part of last night's Raw...

That's quite the conundrum, isn't it? One would have the question the quality of their product if all the internet can take away from 3 hours worth of television is a childish butt joke. But that delves into a deeper problem of WWE's booking and lack of quality control.

Right now, WWE is not the "cool" kid on the playground anymore. Their parents are rich, and they have a few friends they get along with -- but they aren't the cool place to be come recess time. While WWE fans may roll their eyes at this, the cool kid on the playground right now is, and has been, AEW.

Think about what people were talking about last week after Dynamite came to an end (sorry, Nia): KENTA made a surprise return and an explosive tag team match was set for this week; Baker and Rosa had a great TV contest and all 16 participants for the women's eliminator tournament were announced; and MJF and Jericho will face off against The Young Bucks for the tag team championships while there is inner turmoil brewing within the Inner Circle with Sammy Guevara and MJF. Let's also not forget the continued journey of "Hangman" Adam Page...

These are legitimate constructs to analyze, and they generally make for good television. Now let's check out last night's Raw...

-16-time world champion and LEGEND/HALL OF FAMER/FAMOUS CELEBRITY Ric Flair wants the attention to be on him rather than his own daughter, so he decides to have an affair with a married woman and mother.
-Long-time friend Sheamus turns on Drew McIntyre last week with no build, and is now stanning Drew's matches for...reasons?
-Mustafa Ali wants to seek vengeance on Kofi Kingston because Ali himself became injured 2 years ago at Elimination Chamber and blames Kofi...for...reasons?
-The Miz still has the MITB briefcase as if it still means anything anymore.
-Nia Jax's butthole.
-Seriously, who writes this shit?

When nothing makes sense, and the writing has the quality of a low budget B-Movie, there is NO BUY IN.

When there's no buy in, you can't really take anything too seriously, can you? Hence, the most notable part of Raw last night wasn't tension between your world champion and a challenger, nor was it how leader of a "destructive" group is going seek vengeance, nor was it a legend involved in a likely future championship feud (you know Asuka is dropping her belt to Evans pre-Mania) -- No, the most notable part of Monday Night Raw was a butthole.

From the cherry jam on Randy Orton's face (if he was burned, he must have alien DNA), to how weak Ali continues to look, to bringing back old farts for cheap ratings pops, it's jaw-dropping how the WWE product has nearly become a parody of itself at this point.

Very little makes sense, direction is changed on a dime, and nothing really matters to Vince McMahon as long as he can impress his shareholders with profits and recognizable headliners for his 'Big 4' Pay-Per-Views. Everything in between is just sort of lost in the shuffle of main event caliber mid-carders that make up the large majority of the rosters.

Honestly, you would think Vince Russo would be able to write a better product right now, were it not for a TVPG rating and network executives/advertisers to keep happy. At least then fans would know not to take it seriously. You can take AEW, New Japan, MLW, Stardom, and Ring of Honor seriously, with the occasional comedic bits scattered in between. But I tend to watch most WWE programming with an "okay lol" reaction these days.

Butt hey, at least RAW is trending, right? I suppose there's no such thing as bad publicity, even when it's just someone's rear end at the butt of a joke.

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