Wrestle Review: Remember?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/23/2021 at 11:49 AM

It's the weekend. You know what that means...

Roman Reigns continues to be one of the best things about WWE. He is gold on the mic! Maybe it's since he got paired with Paul Heyman but ever since he returned late last year, he's been fire! I wonder who he gets at Wrestlemania after he finishes off Kevin Owens at the Rumble?

WWE's first intergender match in years was Friday and it was great! Sasha vs Reginald the sommelier was very impressive. I wonder how long it will be before he breaks out on his own? I've thought the same thing about AJ's bodyguard.

Remember when Sting came to AEW? "Oh but he won't wrestle", people would say. "Why would they do something as silly as that? AEW would never"! So, Sting and Darby vs Team Taz in a street fight at Revolution was confirmed just a few days ago. Sting is 60. Goldberg is 54. Chris Jericho is 50. Just remember that the next time you, if you do this, say "why does WWE insist on relying on old guys? Give the young talent a shot". But let's not let facts get in the way of the WWE vs AEW "war" that only exists on social media.

Taz debuted in WWE 21 years ago today, Royal Rumble 2000, defeating Kurt Angle. I remember watching that match live on pay-per-view. Taz was such a badass in the ring. Now, he's that way on the mic and has been for about 20 years. Now he has Team Taz in AEW and is still owning the mic. Charismatic much? I think so!

Everyone have a great weekend and I'll be right back here next weekend.

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