Wrestle Review: WHAT?!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/09/2021 at 11:25 AM

I marked out hard for the end of Dynamite Wednesday night! When you think about it, Bullet Club has been on top for quite awhile. AJ Styles is a recent Intercontinental Champion, Good Brothers are the current Impact tag champions and Kenny Omega is the current AEW World Champion. And that's just for starters. Makes you wonder what's next, doesn't it? With Jay White allegedly jumping ship from New Japan, perhaps he shows up in WWE or AEW in the coming months.

Prediction: after seeing Shida barely retain against Abadon on Dynamite this past week, I'm thinking we see the rematch at Revolution(if they can wait that long) in what would be AEW's initial first blood match.

Staying with Dynamite, the main event championship match between Omega and Rey Fenix was incredible! Everyone watching knew that Kenny was going to retain but that didn't hinder fans enjoyment of the contest.

I love Big E's new music! I was bummed that they just cut straight to the match on Smackdown and we didn't get to see his nor Crews' intro. I know it seems like a small thing. I was pleasantly surprised(shocked, really) that they gave Roode and Dolph the Smackdown tag titles. This is, I believe, Dolph's fourth reign as tag champion. He won the championship for the first time on Raw as Nicky in the Spirit Squad back in 2004.

Congratulations to Matt and Reby Hardy, who just announced they are expecting once again! On the wrestling side of things, it looks as if Matt will be the manager of Private Party. At least that's the impression I get, especially from the recent Dynamite. Will this finally translate into tag gold for the VIP duo? And how long until Matt screws them?

Impact saw Eric Young, Joe Doering and a renewed Deener cousin running roughshod over, well, their portion of Impact. If they really want to have them look dangerous, they should have them interrupt numerous matches. I bet that's coming. The ending of Impact signifies to me that the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan rivalrly just might go on forever. Shamrock locking Alicia on the other side of the fence and forcing her to watch as Sami bashed Eddie right in the face with the baseball bat was a nasty touch. Perfect heel energy! I can't wait to see what happens next with that!

I'll end on a "what were they thinking" on Smackdown. Actually, I believe I know exactly what they're thinking. Adam Pearce was the surprise winner of the match to determine Reigns' Rumble opponent. I figure Pearce will join Reigns' crew. Yes, it's a mess of a title match. Is it more or less of a mess than Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg? Hey. at least Goldberg has had a match since 2014. Pearce, for all I know, hadn't had one, before Smackdown, since 2014. Back to Raw: look at it this way, Goldberg having the title match at Rumble means Goldberg won't be winning the Rumble, as some of us have feared. Unless they do the Becky Lynch thing ie he loses the title match, takes out a contestant as they come to the ring, takes their place and wins. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Well, that's all for this week! What takes place in the world of wrestling next week? Time will tell.

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