Wrestle Review: The Vince Has No Memory of That
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/12/2020 at 03:02 PM

WWE is setting up for Sasha Banks vs Carmella for the Smackdown women's title at TLC. Yes, they had the title match last night. I was surprised at that. Then I thought, "well, there will be a stipulation in the match at TLC Sasha has already broken her personal record for longest time she's been champion. Do they have a tables match at TLC?

Why does WWE forget things that happened in their own company? It's very frustrating and irritating. Last night, during his match with Sami Zayn, Corey Graves asked if Big E had what it took to be a singles champion in WWE. Someone in that company actually wrote the question asking if Big E, a former intercontinental champion, had what it took to be a singles champion in WWE. Dear God.....

AEW was entertaining, as usual, this week. Young Bucks and TH2, who I sometimes by mistake call THQ(the gaming company) had a fantastic opening match! Sting's interview left us fans with more questions than answers, as was by design I'm sure. There's a meme going around, and I'd thought about it as soon as Sting debuted in AEW last week-not to mention the Goldberg rumors-It's a fabricated pic of Goldberg and Sting together. Goldberg is wearing the Universal Championship and Sting is wearing the AEW Championship. But wait, I thought people said Sting wasn't going to wrestle in AEW. Well why does he have a win-loss record on AEW's website? He'll be AEW champion by the end of 2021. By the way, people who bring up that WWE puts the world titles on old guys: Sting is 61. Chris Jericho, the first AEW champion, is almost 50. They are doing right with their current champ though. Kenny Omega is 37. Speaking of Omega, he and Don Calis are to AEW and Impact what Roman and Paul are to WWE: absolutely brilliant! So entertaining, irritating and straight-up fantastic! A breath of fresh air to their respective companies.

Lots of talk about Keith Lee perhaps going back to the performance center to get more seasoning. That sai, watch Keith Lee be on Raw in these next coming weeks just as he has been. But Twitter knows all, right?

Before I sign off this week, I've entered the podcast world! If you'd like to listen to my weekly ramblings on everything from movies to music, television to wrestling, just look for Blendertainment on Spotify and hit that follow button. Good Lord, I just plugged myself. Well, that sounded bad, didn't it? Lol

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