Wrestle Review: Surprising Release
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/14/2020 at 11:56 AM

WWE released Zelina Vega yesterday. This was a shock to me. She was already promoting herself soon after. She'll be fine. This woman is a superstar! Rest assured she'll land on her feet. Quite frankly, they could've used her at Survivor Series. She would've been a better option than Lana, that's for sure.

Smackdown continued the Samoan Dynasty saga that I am really loving. Roman Reigns is killing it as a heel! With the surprise appearance by Drew McIntyre, leading to the main event of Drew vs Jey Uso. Drew won last night but won't win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton Monday. I think it stays Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

Liv Morgan winning a spot on Smackdown's women's team is a brilliant move. I love Liv and am glad she's getting some spotlight. I wonder who joins team Smackdown against the tag champs and the blonde brigade on Raw?

It appears as though we're getting Shaq in AEW. I guess we'll get Shaq vs Cody Rhodes, judging off what happened Wednesday. I personally can't see Shaq as a heel. Maybe he starts as a heel but quickly turns face for what I can only assume will be a short run, maybe a few appearances, in AEW. I know there has been criticism, as always in wrestling. I've heard "they said they weren't gonna be WCW", and follow up with the example of WCW bringing in Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone in the '90's. I say let's see how this plays out before we criticize.

After Full Gear, Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship is official! That match on the December 4 episode of Dynamite should be epic! That's a ppv match we're getting on free television and I am pumped about it!

The "who shot Bravo" saga continues. I'm wondering if, since Tommy Dreamer has taken the role of investigator, maybe it was him. Think about it, what better way to remove yourself from the equation than by volunteering to be investigator? Whenever this culminates, likely in a few months or more, the heel turn will likely be a shock. Or it could've been Dreamer all along.

Whatever wrestling you enjoy, their seems to be good storylines all over.

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