Wrestle Review: BFGHIAC
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/24/2020 at 11:48 AM

Impact has their biggest show of the year tonight. AWWE has their October show tomorrow night. Big weekend, huh? Let's run it down, shall we?

Ken Shamrock with Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards kicks off the card. Ken will go into the Impact hall of fame on the pre-show. He is said to be inducted The Rock, which probably drives old man Vince crazier than he already is. I don't see Ken losing this, especially if Sami interferes(and you know he will).

Moose vs EC3 is one that Moose should win. They had the Austin-Rock thing on the bridge. I'm surprised Carter didn't throw the title off the bridge, honestly. It wouldn't look good for Carter to lose his first match back. I mean, Eric Young won the World Championship in his first match back in Impact. High bar. Carter wins.

The call your shot guantlet match where the winner gets a shot at any title they want includes Acey Romero, Alisha Edwards, Cody Deaner, Brian Myers, Havok, Heath, Hernandez, Larry D, Ryno, Taya, Tenille, Tommy Dreamer and a mystery opponent. Could the mystery opponent be another recent WWE cast-off? Perhaps a recent AEW cast-off? We shall see. And if Rhino or Heath loses, they're gone. That's set for a Rhino win, don't you think? I do.

The X-Division championship match os also loaded. Rohit Raju defends against Chris Bey, Jordynne Grace, Trey, TJP and Willie Mack. I think, if they want to erase Tessa Blanchard truly, they have Jordynne Grace accomplish everything Tessa did. That starts with winning the X-Division Championship tonight. Come on, Impact. Do it!

MCMG defend the tag titles against The Good Brothers, Madman Fulton and Ace Austin and The North. I'd love a Good Brothers win here. The North will probably regain, though.

Deonna Purrazo will defeat Kylie Rae to retain. Eric Young will defeat Rich Swann to retain his World Championship. Now, onto Hell In a Cell.

The Miz won his "court case" last night on Smackdown against Otis, meaning Otis must defend the Money In The Bank briefcase against Miz tomorrow night. I pray to the wrestling god that Miz wins that case. That would of course mean we have a heel champion and a heel case winner.

Jeff Hardy vs a returning Elias is on the card. They revived the "who hit Elias with a car" angle that I wish they would've just left alone. I think Elias probably wins this match. What would be the point of having Elias return only to have him lose? Of course, what's the point of Lars Sullivan? Nobody knows.

Bayley and Sasha for the Smackdown women's championship inside Jell In A Cell should be nasty! Sasha needs the win here, don't you think? If Bayley wins, (A) what would be the reason to continue a one-sided feud and (B) never beating Bayley would make Sasha look all talk. I sense a new champion.

Drew McIntyre steps into Hell In a Cell for the first time in his career against cell veteran Randy Orton. I go back to the Bayley/Sasha feud when I say Randy needs to win this match. Drew won at SummerSlam and Extreme Rules. Drew has been champion since April. I know Drew is on a roll but I think Randy gets this. That way they can do another rematch or two, but with Drew as challenger.

The main event is is also in Hell in a Cell AND it's an I Quit match. Reigns offered Jey the rematch, which I thought was strange. Last night, though, the consequences were revealed. If Roman retains, and he will, the Uso's must fall in line and basically become Roman's flunkies. They will resent it for awhile before finally turning heel and forming The Bloodline with Roman as the head. They'll make sure Roman keeps the title and, at some point, will probably beat The Street Profits for the tag championships. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Roman wins and Jimmy and Jey fall in line.

There you have it, my Bound For Glory and Hell In A Cell predictions. I hope everyone enjoys the shows!

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