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October 20, 2020

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Now that the annual WWE Draft has come and gone, I would like to list the top five feuds that I would like to see in the next year that are possible because of the recent roster moves (or non-moves). Some of the feuds that I did consider that did not make the cut for my top five are Sasha Banks Vs Bianca Belair, The Fiend Vs Keith Lee, and Mandy Rose Vs Charlotte. Now for my post WWE Draft top five potential feuds that could happen over the next twelve months…

5) AJ Styles Vs Drew McIntyre: This feud is not necessarily contingent on if McIntyre is the WWE Champion or not, but that would definitely make it a very interesting possibility to me because let’s face it, Styles should be back near the main event scene. He is perhaps the best worker in WWE today, and now that he has his “Diesel-like” bodyguard, a feud against McIntyre would be very fitting to give McIntyre an opponent that he can have a series of great matches against. I am still on the fence that McIntyre will retain the WWE title against Orton at Hell in a Cell, but if he does, WWE should elevate Styles back into the main event immediately thereafter to feud against McIntyre for the title. I could see Styles win the first match of the feud to once again become the WWE Champion, and then McIntyre chases it until he wins it back after a month or two.

4) Asuka Vs Alexa Bliss: Now that Bliss is playing the creepy, gothic role alongside the Fiend, I think this makes most sense in order to give Asuka a fresh opponent for the Raw Women’s title. This could even be a great opportunity to turn Asuka heel, as it seems Bliss is more on the side of a face right now with the recent dismantling of Retribution by the Fiend on Raw. I can see a perfect scenario during one of their matches where Asuka goes to spray the green mist on Bliss, but it misses and in return Bliss hits Asuka with some red mist. Bliss has held major titles before, so her winning the Raw Women’s Championship from Asuka as the feud payoff would be believable and fun to watch. Rather than have Charlotte return and be the frontrunner to go after Asuka and her title, it is time WWE goes against the obvious and safe route, which can tend to bore the fans.

3) Seth Rollins Vs Big E: I am really growing tired of the Rollins and Mysterio Family feud. Once that mess is finally over, I would like to see Rollins try and recruit Big E (who is now on his own) to join him and rebuild the “cult” like group he established on Raw. Similarly to what Daniel Bryan did with the Wyatt Family in 2014, it would be interesting to see Big E initially doubt himself and the ability to be on his own and fall for Rollins’ plot to recruit him. However, before Big E goes too far, he realizes Rollins’ devious ways and stands up for himself and new direction being on his own. Rollins can afford to ultimately put Big E over in a feud like this because Rollins has dominated the Mysterio Family feud. This is a role Chris Jericho was always great at in WWE, and now Rollins can serve as the one who helps get a talent like Big E to the main event scene.

2) Matt Riddle Vs Randy Orton: Despite the current allegations against Riddle, WWE is keeping him on television, albeit at a very modest pace. When and if things settle down in Riddle’s personal life, a feud against Orton would be a great way to help elevate Riddle. Orton did put Keith Lee over in a five-minute squash match, so I am confident that a lengthy feud against Riddle could be entertaining both in the ring and in promos and segments leading to PPV matches. This feud would most likely be in 2021 because of the already mentioned allegations against Riddle, and Orton is still in the WWE title hunt against McIntyre and could very well win it at Hell in a Cell. This feud could even be dubbed RKO Vs the Bro and Orton could use the psychology that Riddle does not take this business seriously enough to ever make it to the next level. In turn, Riddle’s motivation would be to prove Orton wrong by keep being himself and getting the best of Orton in what could amount to be a great match with contrasting styles. I have not yet watched a Riddle match that was not fun to watch from bell to bell.

1) Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan: Yes, this match has happened in the past and it was damn good, but the long-awaited feud that was rumored to happen last year never did. Now that Reigns is finally a heel on paper, this feud would be an instant classic because Bryan was at his most successful when he was the underdog babyface chasing the title and chasing his dreams in 2014 during the Yes Movement. I could even hear Heyman claim that Bryan stole Reigns’ spotlight in 2014 and ultimately was the reason why Reigns was not respected and adored by the fans when he did finally get his moment the following year. If we never get a Reigns Vs Rock match because of various obstacles it would take to overcome in order to have Rock find time during his busy Hollywood schedule, Reigns Vs Bryan during WrestleMania season would be a very suitable alternative. Imagine Reigns holding the Universal title all the way until Mania next year, while Bryan finally wins the Royal Rumble match and goes on to challenge Reigns at Mania, and then defeats him for the title. That pop would be huge.

There you have it NoDQ Galaxy. These are my top five potential feuds that could come from this year’s WWE Draft. There are obviously many other possibilities, and I am curious as to what you think. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Thanks for reading Virtue’s Rage and I WILL BE BACK…

Twitter: @NoDQ_Virtue

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