Wrestle Review: Old Faces in New Places
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/17/2020 at 12:16 PM

Remember when wins used to get you title matches? For the past two challengers for the WWE Championship, that hasn't been the case/ When Seth Rolins was on Raw, he lost to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania and proceeds to get a Money In The Bank title shot against Drew McIntyre. Randy Orton loses to Keith Lee and proceeds to get THREE consecutive championship matches against Drew. His next comes at Hell In A Cell. Braun Stroman gets traded to Smackdown and gets a Universal beatdown last night at the hands of Roman Reigns. What's next for Braun? Back to the Intercontinental title?

Raw Underground is no more. I'll give you a few minutes to let the shock set it. We good? Cool. Only one RU guy got drafted. Dabba Kato will be exclusive to Raw. And I figure Shane McMahon will be his advocate when he does debut.

The Lars Sullivan incident...good Lord...I'd wonder why they're still bothering with this guy but remember that he's huge like Vince likes. He'll probably be WWE Champion soon.

AEW's anniversary show Wednesday night was pretty excellent. As soon as Cody/OC went to a draw, I figured we'd get a rematch at Full Gear. Turns out, we'll get it in a couple weeks on Dynamite. Also, we learned that Darby Allin would be facing Cody for the TNT title at Full Gear. That's going to be another fantastic match. There's a tournament to determine the next challenger at Full Gear for the AEW Championship and a scramble next week to determine who FTR successfully defends the tag titles against at Full Gear. See, WWE, this is how you determine top contenders. Remember? It's how you guys used to do it.

Last night marked the final time(for now) that the New Day would compete as a three man team. Kofi and Woods are the Raw tag champs and Street Profits the Smackdown tag champs after switching Monday night. Looks like we'll get quite a few new feuds in the coming weeks.

Remember when WWE teased Reigns v Fiend for the Universal title? Yeah, then they go and ship Fiend and Alexa to Raw and have them start a feud with Andrade and Zelina Vega. Makes perfect sense, right? I didn't think so, either.

Whatever happens in the wrestling world this week, it's sure to be interesting. Well, let's hope. Let's also hope that Michael Cole tones down how many times he says "THE FREAK".

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