Wrestle Review: I Feel a Draft
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/10/2020 at 12:10 PM

I had never seen a dog collar match until this past Wednesday on Dynamite. That was as violent as they said those matches are. This coming week, Cody will resume his open challenge vs Orange Cassidy. This is Orange's second shot at the title. His first was weeks ago vs Lee.

This Wednesday looks stacked: Swole/Shida for the smallest women's title I've ever seen, Best Friends losing to FTR in a tag championship natch, the aforementioned Orange v Cody match, Miro and Sabian vs some team(local jobbers, maybe) and Lance Archer losing to Jon Moxley in the main event. Archer literally has no buzz. How does anyone think he'll win the World Championship Wednesday?

The WWE Draft for 2020 began last night. It started out uneventfully enough: Raw choosing their champ Drew McIntyre, Smackdown choosing their champ Roman Reigns. Nothing earth shattering, right? They moved Seth Rollins to Smackdown. We're all thinking "that's great! We can finally do away with Rollins vs The Mysterio's. Then what happens? Rey and Dom are drafted to Smackdown! The Michael Scott "God No" meme comes to mind. I do not want to see this feud continue. Yet, here we are.

The biggest news of Smackdown's side of the draft is the earth-shattering end of an era, Kofi and Xavier to Raw and Big E staying On Smackdown. This announcement was made just seconds after Kofi and Xavier won the Smackdown tag championships. To me, this means the Street Profits will be drafted to Smackdown. That means the tag titles will be switching brands. Let's face it, the Street Profits and New Day are basically mirror images of each other. So I think the Street Profits will head to the blue brand.

The return of Lars Sullivan last night wasn't really something anyone asked for. That doesn't matter, though. I don't think he's on Smackdown very long, though. I think he gets drafted to Raw Monday. AJ, Miz and Morrison, and Tucker are headed to Monday. That's right, Heavy Machinery was split up as well as New Day. This makes sense. Otis has the briefcase. You need to focus on making him a singles star since that's what you chose.

Elias, Chad Gable(I'm hoping the Shorty gimmick might end), Mickie James and Lucha House Partty went undrafted. LHP, who are Smackdown, could be drafted to Raw in a few days. In fact, I expect it. Elias might go undrafted. I honestly don't know. There are 21 men, 12 women and 6 factions eligible for Monday's draft. Sami, Andrade, Black, D Bryan, Corbin, Crews, Dabba Kato, Jeff Hardy, Kieth Lee, Titus, Riddick Moss(he still works there, apparently), Orton, KO, Truth, Riddle, Stroman, Sheamus, Tozawa and Bray Wyatt.

They need to split Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss, right? Since they've paired The Fiend with Lexi, who need to be on the same show, they need to put Lexi and Nikki on different shows. Does anyone care about the new Carmella thing? She wasn't even on Smackdown last night after they touted her new appearance the week before. Do they split anymore factions? Street Profits, Cesaro and Nakamura, Dolph and Roode, Miz and Morrison, Retribution and the Riot Squad are all eligible. Don't split Ruby and Liv, please.

Becky(pregnant), Jimmy Uso and Ivar(injured), Sonya(fired in storyline), Edge and Jinder)injured), Joe, Mojo hasn't competed since June-I honestly didn't know he still worked there-Forgotten Sons have been, well, forgotten, Bo Dallas hasn't competed since last October. I honestly thought he'd be the former NXT champ to return at Takeover but turned out to be Ember Moon.

What major moves happen Monday? What happens on another big edition of Dynamite Wednesday night? Jericho appreciation night last Wednesday(congrats on 30 years, Chris) saw a New Japan star and logo appear congratulating Jericho. Was that just a one-time thing or are New Japan and AEW teaming up? It'd make sense for NJPW. AEW has a television deal in America. New Japan does not.

This is one of those periods that makes me excited to be a wrestling fan! I know a draft is storyline. I know, predetermined, blah, blah, blah. It's just like a storyline on a favorite show: you always want to see what happens next.

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