Wrestle Review: Bash and Clash
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/26/2020 at 11:34 AM

Rest In Peace Road Warrior Animal. Like many, I was a huge Road Warriors fan. By the time they reached me, though, they were the Legion of Doom. I remember as a kid thinking they were so cool! The face paint, the power, and then at SummerSlam '92 in Wembley they came to the ring on motorcycles. It was freaking awesome! Their clashes with the Nasty Boys, Hart Foundation and Natural Disasters and many, many more will go down in history as some of the greats. Now, both Road Warriors are gone and that's sad to me as a longtime fan. They're back together again, though. Which makes me smile.

I'll get to Clash of Champions in a minute. We finally saw Alexa Bliss cross over to the Fiend's side last night. The new aggression, the trance she was in when his music hit, the way she eyeballed the Universal Championship when Roman and Heyman came out. Clearly we're headed for Reigns vs Fiend, right? I still think that somewhere down the line we'll get Lesnar vs Reigns with roles reversed.

Remember awhile back when Taz dropped his "sloppy shop" line about running shows during the pandemic and their talent getting Covid? AEW's Lance Archer and Brian Cage reportedly have it. Sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut. Just a little something I've learned in my 41 years on this earth.

Cody returning this past Wednesday was pretty great. I see he continues to take his cues from Triple H as far as entrance is concerned. Clearly he learned some important things while getting buried by WWE. Cody attacked Brodie Lee's minions, causing Brodie to challenge him to a bullrope match. This match cannot happen on Dynamite. This has got to happen at Full Gear, right? You don't throw a big stipulation match like this on a random Wednesday night. Onto Clash of Champions...

Asuka defends the Raw women's championship against Zelina Vega in the kickoff match tomorrow night. I'm sure there's some sentiment of "why is a title match on the kickoff show"? I figure somebody might bring up Vega getting a title shot in her first WWE match. I wonder if the common taters, excuse me, commentators, will try to convince us that she's never wrestled? Because, as we all know, if it hasn't happened in WWE, it hasn't happened. I pick Asuka to retain.

Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews for the United States title is happening again. This seems like the millionth time these guys have faced each other. Given that Lashley is defending, it's probably time for the title to switch to Crews. Maybe Lashley can win it back on Monday.

Jax and Baszler defending the Raw tag titles against The Riot Squad is a predictable outcoming. The champs retain. I'd like to see Ruby and Liv get the W. I just don't see it happening.

Shinsuke and Cesaro defending the Smackdown tag titles against Lucha House Party: No way LHP wins this, right? Plus, LHP has been showing cracks in their relationship. Will that continue at Clash?

Street Profits defending the Raw tag titles against Angel and Andrade: without Vega to keep them together, do Andrade and Angel fall apart? I think so. Street Profits retain.

Bayley will retain the Smackdown women's championship against Nikki Cross. I do think Sasha makes her presence known in some sort of way. They're not dragging Sasha vs Bayley out until next April, are they?

Jeff Hardy. AJ Styles and Sami Zayn in a winner-take-all match for the Intercontinental Championship should steal the show! If it was a question of who needed the title more(and I think it is), Sami Zayn should walk out of Clash as Intercontinental Champion. Yes, Jeff is the king of ladder matches and AJ is phenomenal but I give the win to Sami here.

WWE Championship Ambulance match: Do we see Retribution break this match up again? Maybe they put BOTH Orton and McIntyre in the ambulance and the match is ruled a no-contest. That's my pick. If not, this feud better end somehow.

Jey Uso is Roman Reigns' improbable challenger for Roman Reins' Universal Championship. He replaced Big E after Sheamus took him out of the match. We haven't seen Big E since and I wonder, when he returns, if he doesn't vanquish Sheamus on the way to becoming Universal Champion? Anyway, this is an obvious win for Roman. If this match lasts over 5 minutes, I'll be surprised. Before last night when Roman blindsided Jey, I thought we were going to see the classic finger poke of doom scenario. It appears as though we'll have an actual match. Probably won't be a long match. Roman retains and I'm thinking we see red to end the show. A Reigns/Fiend confrontation to wrap up the night? Oh yes!

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