Wrestle Review: September Slumber
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/19/2020 at 12:09 PM

Melina appears to be returning to WWE. At least that's a recent report/ If so, I'd see her on Raw in the mix with Zelina Vega perhaps. That said, she'll probably show up on Smackdown. Andrade and Carlito lite appear to be going their separate ways. Who is the mystery woman on Smackdown? Is it Summer Rae? Is it Carmella? When will we find out? I mean, let's face it, they also have this Retribution angle that they're taking their sweet time with.

The announcement of the Styles/Zayn/Hardy ladder match for the IC Championship match at Clash of Champions was a big one. I'm hyped for this one! Jeff Hardy, AJ, Sami and a ladder? Bring it!

I just now watched Dynamite. That street fight was insane! I let out an audible "pffft" when JR said it was the most amazing street fight he's called in his career. Then I got to thinking, "I don't think he called Rock/Foley's street fight". But I do think he called Austin and Triple H's 3 stages of hell about 21 years ago. Anyway, of course you're going to say that a match happening for a company in which you work is the greatest. Was he supposed to say "yeah this is great but Austin/Triple H 20 years ago was better"? If he wants to keep his job, no he's not going to say that. I see no problem here.

I'll close with this: isn't it about time flip the switch on this evil Alexa angle? Or perhaps they'll do a two-face angle: good Lexi/bad Lexi. That would be a pretty unique idea.

What big news will next week bring? Whatever it may be, I'll be right back here for it next weekend!

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