Wrestle Review: Jabs All Over
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/12/2020 at 03:10 PM

Remember watching wrestling without having to listen to potshots from wrestlers directed towards the company from whence they came? I think I do. It was back in the 1980's, if I recall correctly. Of course there was the '90's WWF "Billionaire Ted" skit with "The Huckster" and "The Nacho Man" after Hulk and Randy bolted for WCW. The shots these days are just as personal, if not more so.

AEW has taken far more shots at WWE than WWE has taken at AEW. For instance, Miro(the former Rusev) debuted in AEW this past Wednesday. Not 20 seconds into his first AEW appearance, he immediately drops a "brass ring" comment and mentions his twitch steam: obvious shots to WWE. The same episode. you had FTR hosting a tag team summit. In this summit with all the teams surrounding the ring, they proceed to do the natural heel thing where you talk trash to all the other teams who don't deserve to challenge you. That's classic heel talk. I'm fine with that. Then they got to Billy Gunn and his son Austin, who apparently will be a team now(?). They begin with "Don't think because you're in some second rate hall of fame, that you get a title shot". So that's twice I rolled my eyes during that show. I'm not even mad: just disappointed.

Does this not get old to anyone other than me? AEW has moments where they sound extremely salty. Wednesday was several of those moments rolled into one. Think about it this way: Let's say you leave one company for another company to do the same exact job; a grocery store, for instance. You want to make a good impression and do the job in order to keep the job. You're not going to go up to a checkout counter, grab a mic and talk trash about the Quick Pick down the street where you used to work. At least I hope you don't. Chances are very good you'll be fired very quickly. It also doesn't speak well of the company you're currently working for that, from what I read, AEW brass encourages their talent to go out and trash WWE. Top notch, AEW. Real top notch..... I'm sure that WWE will be the one to take the heat for the one subtle shot they may have taken at AEW last night. I wonder what shot AEW will take this coming week?

I am happy for Miro that he's in a place now where he's happier. I know, I's natural for a basketball player to take a shot at his former team. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, right? Yes but he doesn't take shots repeatedly. Do better, AEW. I say that knowing that they probably won't. What you did, AEW, is knock out all the good buzz you had from All Out. What you should do is just let these comments die. What you likely will do, however, is keep hammering the point in this imaginary war they think they're in.

There was actual wrestling. Lance Archer won the right to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship. You figure they'd build that up a few months for the main event of Full Gear in November, right? Wrong. That'll happen in October on Dynamite. Yes, it's their one-year anniversary show. That's likely why a match that big is on that night. And hey, maybe there will be a rematch at Full Gear. I doubt it, though. I wouldn't be surprised if Archer was a transitional challenger.

It looks like WWE has finally turned Alexa Bliss. Last night, Sister Bliss attacked Nikki Cross. She even hit a smooth Sister Abigail on Cross. In other news, Mandy Rose has been traded to Raw. So I guess that signals the end of the Mandy and Otis thing. Looks like Carmella has been repackaged. People have been saying that the mystery blonde in the vignette on Smackdown last night was a returning Summer Rae. While that could indeed be a possibility, I'm still banking on 'Mella. Remember a few weeks ago when Naomi beat Bayley in a non-title match? Apparently, WWE doesn't. They had a match last night where the winner faced Bayley at Clash of Champions. Naomi wasn't even in the match! What gives? Nikki Cross gets the distinction of losing to Bayley at Clash.

The story in Impact of "who steps up to stop Eric Young" is a good one. You know this will go on until Eddie Edwards is able to return and get his rematch for the championship.

Mandy Rose being traded to Raw splits up Mandy and Otis. Perhaps they'll have Otis take his briefcase and Tucker to Raw and challenge the Street Profits for the tag titles, win the gold and get Mandy back as a manager. Hey, the Profits have a match with Cesaro and Shinsuke Monday, non-title. They could leave the Profits laying and Heavy Machinery's music hits. Otis hands the vase to the ref, he and Tucker win the Raw tag titles and are traded to the red brand with Mandy as their manager. Hey, it could happen.

That's it for this week! Enjoy whatever wrestling you choose to watch!

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