Wrestle Review: Brand New Reigns
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/05/2020 at 10:56 AM

I was very underwhelmed by AEW Dynamite this week. I'm not the only one who had that opinion. That's not a good thing when your biggest event of the year is in just a few hours. There have been alot of instances where one of a promotions shows talks you into ordering a show. Instances are rare(for me, at leas) that a final show brings you to the negative side of whether or not to get a pay-per-view.

Did we finally see the end of the Elite? The Young Bucks have seemingly turned heel. FTR are facing what appears to be a splintered tag championship team of Omega and Page. I'm sensing new champs here. Hey, they kicked Page out of the Elite so it wouldn't shock me to see Page screw Omega. I'll get to the rest of All Out in a bit.

I thought the NXT Championship match was great! Was it anticlimactic? Of course, because we didn't get a champion. This Tuesday we see Adam Cole's coronation against Fin Balor/ You don't actually think they'll give Balor the championship, do you? Me neither. The days of Fin Balor as a champion of any kind in that company are over. Speaking of someone's days in that company being over, WWE released AOP Friday afternoon. They were used sparingly anyway, that is, when one wasn't injured. Their greatest claim to fame was being Seth Rollins' backup for a time. I think what signaled the end of their WWE tenure was when they, an actual tag team, were passed over for the tag championship for makeshift team of Rollins and Murphy. I was like 'well, that's it". Obviously the chatter will be "go to AEW". That's everybody's answer these days when WWE fires someone, isn't it?

WWE talent is reportedly no longer allowed to use third-party services such as Tik Tok and Twitch. That didn't set well with Twitch stream gaming Goddess Paige. She even posted her displeasure on Twitter with just one word: nope. I expect her to be gone from WWE soon. If this report of banning talent from having extra ventures is true, it's absolutely insane and might be illegal. It should be noted Paige changed her twitch name to SarayaOfficial.

Final Smackdown notes: Are they finally going to pull the trigger on the "Alexa to the dark side" angle they've been doing? Bray said a new member of the funhouse will be revealed next week. Also on Smackdown, Roman Reigns' first challenger to the Universal Championship will be....Jey Uso. Will this be finger poke of doom, 2020? I wouldn't be surprised. I will say that Reigns' promo with Heyman last night was awesome!! I am loving brand new Reigns!

All Out quick hits:

Dr. Britt Baker beats Big Swole via interference. Apparently this match will take place in a dentist office?

The Young Bucks will use heel tactics to beat Jurassic Express.
Matt Hardy will beat Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules match.

Dark Order will beat Cardona, Sky and Natural Nightmares. It's way too soon for Cody to return in this match. An attack like the one on him needs to be sold way longer than just a few weeks.
Lance Archer will win the Casino Battle Royal.
Thunder Rosa will beat Shida to become the new AEW women's champion.
Page will turn on Omega, causing FTR to win the AEW tag team championships.
Chris Jericho will beat Orange Cassidy in the Mimosa Mayhem match. And finally...

Lance Archer will be challenging Jon Moxley for the championship, as Jon will make MJF tap.

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