Wrestle Review: The New Deal
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/15/2020 at 10:53 AM

Summerslam and, apparently, all tapings up to(and presumably after) will take place at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. I'm pretty happy that shows will be in an actual arena and that they'll apparently have virtual fans like NBA and MLB is doing. Those who hate WWE will find a negative or just go "meh, yeah but..." as I experienced earlier this week when I relayed that news. Whatever.

Looks like we'll soon get Natalya vs Mickie James. They were going back and forth on Twitter earlier this week. That would be a good SummerSlam match. Knowing WWE though, it'll happen Monday on Raw. I mean, they're giving away AJ vs Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship next Friday for God's sake. Hey, at least we're getting that match.

The Keith Lee fire segment on NXT Wednesday, according to Twitter, "looked too fake". Well of course it was fake. Do you really want someone to get their eyes burnt? Elsewhere, I am digging the black and white Fin promos! Gives it kind of a gritty NWO feel. That NXT North American title ladder match at Takeover is shaping up to be epic. Nothing new to NXT.

I've read that fans are already getting tired of the Alexa-Braun-Fiend angle. Last week, people were eating it up. Boy, WWE can sure sour some people on a storyline very quickly. The impression given at the end of Smackdown is that Braun press slammed Alexa. The lights went out as he was holding her up and, when they came back on, she was on the canvas writhing in pain. Has the elusive double-turn been completed? Braun was displaying heel tendencies. Braun was seen on-screen laughing while The Fiend was in the ring with Alexa. So, it would appear the double-turn is, in fact, at least in play.

Speaking of changing courses, is Scorpio Sky about to turn heel in AEW? For a long time, people were wondering when Cody would turn. After his match with Sky this past week, though, and the way they moved onto Cody vs Brodie next week on Dynamite as soon as the ref's hand hit three, it makes you feel that, either they're about to turn Scropio or even worse. Speaking of worse, farewell Bea Priestley and Jimmy Havoc. Well, farewell from AEW anyway.

I look forward to what Raw and Smackdown will look like starting next week. From a new arena to possible virtual fans, the shows will at least look different. And as far as AEW is concerned, don't forget that next week's episode is Saturday afternoon at 5 central due to NBA.

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