Wrestle Review: Busy Newsweek
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/08/2020 at 11:04 AM

This week in wrestling has been absolutely nuts! Brandi Rhodes deletes her twitter because she got her feelings hurt. Nothing's new there. Jim Cornette turned his old-man venom towards Kylie Rae...and that was just Thursday! Adam Cole and Pat McAfee had a confrontation on Pat's radio show that resulted in...wait for it...Pat McAfee vs Adam Cole at Takeover. You can't make this up. Then the interaction on NXT Wednesday night. How much crazier will that get? Oh, and Marty Janetty confessed on social media to killing someone. Just a random week in the crazy world of wrestling. That's definitely a future Dark Side of the Ring episode.

Eric Bischoff returning as the moderator of the Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy debate was quite entertaining. What stood out to me was when Bischoff asked a random question, I believe about energy, and Orange reeled off an answer like he was speaking to congress. It was hilarious!

Random AEW thought: why isn't the women's tag tournament on Dynamite instead of their YouTube channel? Seems like something you'd want the most eyes on.

Back to Cole/McAfee: I told a friend and diehard AEW fan this and he replied to me with the vomiting face emoji. But you know if AEW did this, diehards would lap it up.

As far as the end of Smackdown goes, there were a couple schools of thought on it. I'm sure Taz and Jim Ross will dump all over it in their post-Dynamite YouTube show Wednesday, as they do. I thought it was more Nexus than NWO, more Aces & 8's than DX. Do they Invade NXT as they did Raw and Smackdown? I think they should. That'll enforce the idea that this crew is against everyone. Will the members be NXT call-ups? We'll see.

This next week should be pretty interesting. Who is this crew that calls themselves Retribution? Some ideas: how about some recently "fired" people like Maria and Mike Bennet. What happens on AEW? What about Impact? Does anyone else randomly confess to any past crime via social media? Does Brandi Rhodes return to Twitter? Will I finally stop telling my WWE-hater friend what happened just so he can crap all over it? All that and more might be answered this week in the crazy world of wrestling!

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