Wrestle Review: So That Happened
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/25/2020 at 11:18 AM

I don't recall the last time WWE mentioned AEW. I don't recall Impact mentioning AEW. On the other hand, AEW mentions WWE in a derogatory fashion almost on a weekly basis. In fact, I tweeted Tuesday "I wonder who's going to take a shot at WWE this Wednesday". Turns out, it was AEW's post-show You-tube podcast that Taz and JR host. All's fair in love and war, right? Or is it just childish? Impact did take shots during the company's infancy. They stopped eventually. Maybe AEW will as well.

On Raw this coming week, as decreed by Stephanie McMahon, we're getting Asuka vs Sasha to determine the Raw women's champion . This was after Sasha "defeated" Asuka for the championship Sunday. That match should be the main event. If I were in charge, it certainly would main event Raw. Also on Raw, it wouldn't surprise me that Zelina Vega's duo eventually turns into a one-on-ne match at PC-Slam. Of course, it'll probably be on the kickoff show. Speaking of the kickoff show, it struck me as funny that Kevin Owens changed his twitter handle to "Kickoff" K.O.

I didn't check out Extreme Rules last Sunday but I did see clips. I'm interested in where the storyline with Alexa Bliss is going. At the end of the show, an image of her in an Undertaker ministry of darkness-era robe appeared on the big screen and told Braun to follow her. All the buzz afterward of "Is Alexa Sister Abigail or was that just to mess with Braun" just told you that the angle has generated interest. Add to that Smackdown where there was a bit of an argument between Bliss and Cross, as well as what looked like resentment from Bliss as she congratulated Cross on beating her to get a title shot at Bayley next week. Will Bliss Cross Applesauce implode next week?

Looks like Big E is finally getting that singles push us fans have wanted for him for a long time. I do think this will be different than Kofi's title push. I don't know if Vince coming out and bullying Big E will work like it did with Kofi. I think they might take a different route to get Big E the Universal Championship. I do think this culminates in Big E defeating Braun or Bray for the Universal Championship, possibly at Mania.

AJ will defend the intercontinental championship against Gran Metalic next week. It should be a fantastic competitive match with AJ retaining. Smackdown's main event "match" was a bar fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. I would love for this to be the end of this God-awful storyline. Knowing WWE, it won't be. By the way, I fully expect the bartender to challenge Cody for the TNT Championship at some point in the future.

I'll end this week with my thoughts on Impact. They are on a roll! Eddie Edwards is once again Impact Champion. The shock return of the Motor City Machine Guns Saturday night and subsequent crowing of MCMG the new tag team champions Tuesday night was a big fan-favorite move. The only thing I fast-forwarded on my recording of the show was the commercials. That's a good thing for that company. I'm excited to see what happens next on Impact. No matter what your preference, what a time to be a wrestling fan!

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