Wrestle Review: Slammiversary vs Extreme Rules
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/18/2020 at 11:32 AM

Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary is tonight and one surprise has already been revealed. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been announced for the big show. I'm guessing they answer the open challenge of The Rascalz. If that's the case, Gallows and Anderson got it in the bag.

I pick Taya or Rosemary to win the guantlet match where the winner gets a Knockouts title match. I'm picking Shamrock and Callihan, if they don't implode, to win the tag team championship. I was bummed for half a second the other night when I discovered Sami unfollowed me on twitter. I reiterate: half a second. I do think, however, that it'd be interesting for Impact to have contentious tag champions.

Willie Mack will succesfully defend the X Division Championship against Chris Bey as long as Johnny Swinger doesn't get involved. As far as a title change, look for Deonna Purrazzo to win the Knockouts Championship in her first opportunity against Jordynne Grace. I'm not sure why but something tells me we get a new champ. Actually, I think we get a lot of new champs tonight.

Impact has gone all "let's have two world titles" on us when Moose brought back the old TNA Championship. In an old school rules match, he retains his title against Tommy Dreamer, I predict. Eddie Edwards, Trey and Ace Austin will be joined by EC3, I mean a mystery opponent, to crown a new Impact World Champion. I think EC3 walks out of Slammiversary the new Impact World Champion.

Now I move onto WWE's Extreme Rules. Someone(Vince I'm sure) thought it'd be a great idea to call this the horror show and has made all his poor commentators, whenever they mention the event, to say "Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. You know these folks are rolling their eyes HARD. God knows I roll my eyes when I hear it. Their six match card runs as such:

Apollo Crews defends the U.S. Championship against MVP. Remember, MVP started out as manager for Bobby Lashley. Lashley had a WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre last month. Now he isn't even on the card. I don't get it either, guys. Maybe Lashley makes sure MNP wins the title and they do an Andre/Million Dollar Man deal. For those too young to know what I'm talking about, back in the '80's, Andre beat Hulk Hogan for the title and gave it to Ted Dibiase. This led to the WrestleMania IV tournament to crown a new champion, which the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage won. Granted, I'm in no way comparing MVP and Lashley to hall of famers. Crews better retain.

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio in an eye for an eye match. This is dumb as hell, guys. Vince should be taken to the woodshed for this one. Can you imagine what his underlings said when he told them what type of match this would be? I'm picturing something like them leaving the office and busting out laughing. Maybe they said "this man has finally lost his mind. So it'll be some kind of CGI deal, right? I guess Rey will win so Seth can be cool pirate guy?

Shouldn't they have had Nikki Cross pin Bayley last night to give her momentum for their title match tomorrow? Of course they should've. Now, Nikki is going to take the L twice in three days. Alexa might even screw her "friend" and turn heel. That's my guess.

Asuka will successfully defend the Raw women's title against Sasha. This way, the Sasha vs Bayley SummerAlam match will be for one title and maybe they'll do Alexa vs Nikki vs Asuka at Summer, excuse me, PC Slam, for the other title.

The Wyatt Swamp Fight between Braun Stroman and Bray Wyatt, not the Fiend, is well it's something. I figure they're saving The Fiend vs Braun for the title at SummerSlam perhaps. Braun defeated Bray once, he'll defeat him tomorrow night, and we'll get the third encounter at SummerSlam where Bray is the Fiend and probably wins the Universal Championship. I get saving the Fiend character for special occasions, as they should. By the way, does anyone remember that Otis holds the Money In The Bank briefcase? Does he emerge from the swamp and have an impromptu title match with Braun? Does WWE even remember they had him win the case?

There you have it: your preview of both Slammiversary and Extreme Rules. Oh but wait...I haven't even talked about Chris Jericho: The Demo God. Lol! What insanity! I know, it's supposed to be a joke at the expense of all that twitter ratings talk. Thursday, there was already a new Jericho: Demo God shirt. Absolute genius!

There are my thoughts on the wrestling week that was. I hope everyone watching Slammiversary and/or Extreme Rules enjoy either or both shows. Anytime their are two shows on a weekend, it's a great(or has the potential to be a great) weekend of wrestling. So, sit back and enjoy.

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