Wrestle Review: Stick With the Classics
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/11/2020 at 01:03 PM

The second night of NXT's version of the Great American Bash went up against the second night of AEW's Fyter Fest. Unlike the snotty wrestling "fan", who really just likes to complain, I watched and enjoyed both. There are probably some reading this who are saying "you can't enjoy both! You must choose one and hate the other"! I don't subscribe to that theory. I hate to burst your bubble.

Keith Lee winning the NXT Championship Wednesday night was awesome! Who cares who spoiled the results? I'll probably tick the AEW fanboys off here but to me, their makeshift Fyter Fest main event of Jericho vs Cassidy was more like a WWF Superstars main event from back in the early '90's: you hoped the underdog won but you knew deep down who was winning. Good match, though.

The questions that arose from Lee beating Cole for the NXT championship are these: we saw Triple H giving Cole the "good job/go get 'em" handshake he usually gives to those getting shipped to Raw or Smackdown. Will the entire Undisputed Era get shipped? Will it just be Cole and the rest come up sporadically? I, for one, would love to see Roderick Strong shine again more as a singles competitor like he did in ROH. Time will tell. As far as Lee is concerned, I think we already know his first challenger. As the show was drawing to a close, the camera panned up to see Killer Kross, excuse me, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett looking on. No doubt we get a Lee vs Kross feud at some point. If you recall, Lee broke the hour glass of Kross and Scarlett's a few weeks back. I knew we were headed for a war. Just didn't know until this past week it'd be for the championship.

Taz re-introducing the FTW Championship and presenting it to Brian Cage brings about some questions. Obviously Taz is now calling Cage's match with Mox champion vs "champion". I'm wondering if AEW will eventually recognize the title Taz created for himself in ECW as an official AEW Championship? That would give them three men's singles championships, a women's title and tag titles. And now there has been online chatter wanting an AEW women's tag championship. We'll see what happens.

Last Saturday, I watched one of the earliest Great American Bash events. It was so early that it was still NWA Great American Bash. I probably shouldn't start a ppv at 11 pm because I started to fall asleep near the main event. I powered through, though. What will this weekend's classic event be? The possibilities are endless!

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