Wrestle Review: Starting to Wane
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/27/2020 at 02:29 PM

I never thought that my interest in wrestling would ever start to wane/fizzle. Maybe it's the pandemic. Maybe it's just over-saturation. Maybe it's stupid owners(just one, really) that won't adhere to simple guidelines. Maybe it's that the owner of one particular company cares more about making a dollar than he does about his employees. I honestly think he wouldn't be terribly heartbroken(if he has one) if he lost an employee or two. I mean, to hear that Renee Young didn't even get a call of concern during her recent battle...simply pathetic!

Ligero being released by WWE, Impact Wrestling firing their WORLD CHAMPION for God's sake(well, former champ now), Michael Elgin, who was in the Slammiversary title match, bugging out Tessa cut off all communication with the company and wouldn't send in any taped vignettes. I have no issue with her firing. It sounds like she's a brat. I'm wondering when Vince hires her. Honestly, bot AEW and WWE should stay far away from her. That said, I expect her in WWE feuding with Charlotte Flair when she returns.

As noted earlier, Michael Elgin quit Impact this week. That leaves two spots open in their main event for the now vacant World Championship. I'd like to see Sami Callahan, who never got a rematch after he lost the title, and maybe a returning EC3. Well, they're teasing EC3 vs Moose so that might not happen. So, that still leaves a spot open. I hope they learn from this past Tuesday. Johnny Swinger was looking for a tag partner. It was an angle that spanned most of the show. So you'd think this was a big deal, right? When the partner was revealed to be Rohit, it wasn't sold very well at all by announcers Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne. They were just like "oh, here's Rohit". Do better, Impact.

According to a story by Tom Colohue, the NXT UK brand might be making its last stand. That's not too surprising, given that several individuals in the recent sexual assault scandal came from NXT UK. They were fired but that is where most came from. Couple that with low ratings and low attendance(even before the pandemic) and you wonder: why bother? That could be what Vince is asking himself.

One more thing: WWE is calling Extreme Rules...wait for it...Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. Now, I'm fairly certain this will be a reference to the WWE Universal Championship match between Braun and Bray. I imagine they're saving Braun vs The Fiend for SummerSlam: The One Where They All Got Sick(or whatever they'll call it.

Sammy Guevera: My God, son! There is no excuse for what you said. I know you apologized and Sasha accepted and is cool with you now(I guess) but you just reinforced my belief about you just based on what I see on tv. AEW has taken appropriate action and that is commendable. They didn't even mention him on Dynamite Wednesday. If he was in WWE that'd probably warrant him a title match.

I don't know about you but I've had enough scandal in my wrestling to last me awhile. Sad thing is, I think there is more to come. What makes me think that? Well, it's like dominos falling. Once they get rolling, they go for awhile. I really wish this column and the news were more positive this week. It is what it is, right?

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