Wrestle Review: Paralells
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/06/2020 at 08:25 PM

It seems to me that Jeoy Ryan and Seth Rollins are pretty much playing the same role in their respective companies: cult leader. For some reason, Joey's Cancel Culture feels more lie Right To Censor from years ago. Seth's group, to me, feels a bit like Straight Edge Society.

Remember the hacker storyline from Smackdown awhile back? They nixed it apparently after the man who was going to be revealed as the hacker, Ali, said something online. Guess he didn't tow the company line so they just do what they want. I've been listening to Talk Is Jericho a lot lately and a lot of his recent guests are either former WWE stars who went to AEW or other talent who support their romantic partners but get undercover shade by the McMahon's. Wonder what I'm talking about? Listen to past TIJ episodes with FTR and Dr. Britt Baker.

I'll be totally honest, I fell asleep watching my Smackdown recording. I do know they furthered that God-awful "who framed Jeff Hardy" angle. It'll end up being Sami Zayn. While I'd dig a Sami and Jeff feud, they'll find a way to mess it up.

Onto the brand they can actually get right: NXT. By the way, how can a company have one of their brands do so much better than the other? It boggles the mind. Anyway, on with In Your House predictions.

Mia Yim, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart vs Candice, Dakota and Raquel is first up( at least it's first on the line-up on This will be the old pier six brawl. I think the heels pick up the win here. I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up my massive crush on Candice, Dakota and Tegan. I mean...gorgeous!

Fin Balor faces the man who attacked him weeks ago, Punishment Martinez(I mean, Damien Priest). I'm not sure either man could afford losing this match. That said, I'm taking Priest to get the W here.

Keith Lee defends the North American Championship against Johnny Gargano in a match that, honestly, I see Gargano winning. Let's face it, if Lee beats Gargano right off the bat, that pretty much kills the feud, right? Gargano becomes a 2X North American champion.

Tommasso Ciampa vs Karrion (my Wayward Son) Kross with Scarlett is up next. It seems that they're having Ciampa take a lot more L's lately than usual. Compound that with this being Kross' first Takeover, I think Kross dominates and takes the W.

Charlotte Flair defends her NXT women's championship in a triple threat against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. You'd think Ripley would retain, right? Wrong. And Shirai sure isn't winning. Remember me saying it's quite possible the woman who dethrones Charlotte isn't even in NXT yet? I'm rolling with the "queen".

Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream meet in your main event: a backlot brawl for the NXT Championship. Judging my the creepy painting he did on NXT Wednesday, I say Dexter Lumis plays the role of the great equalizer, taking out Undisputed Era so it's one on one. I don't know if Cole is getting called up or not. That doesn't concern me. I'm just looking for a good title match. I think that's exactly what we get. Also, since this is Dream's "last chance"(even though I think it's just his second title match against Cole), I'm picking Dream to walk away as the new NXT Champion. Or maybe I just want to see Dream win.

There you have it: my predictions for Takeover: In Your House. Will they come true? Who knows? Will it be a fun show? I'm thinking yes. Everybody enjoy the show!

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