Wrestle Review: Bank On It!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 05/09/2020 at 03:23 PM

Well fellow wresting fans, here we are: Money In The Bank weekend. As per my new normal, I watched the shortened Raw on HULU and most of Smackdown off DVR. Full disclosure: I fell asleep during the second hour. In my defense, I was watching it at midnight.

Jeff Hardy will face Cesaro to highlight the kickoff show. Jeff losing his first high-profile match back in WWE would be pointless. I know everybody likes Cesaro and, if he loses, will immediately take to twitter and say what a travesty it is the way they're treating him. Oh, and everyone's current favorite thing to say: he should go to AEW. He'd be the champion there. Pump the brakes, Maxine. Somebody's got to win and somebody's got to lose. I see Jeff winning. Besides, that's the best way to start the feud build with Sheamus.

WWE's website says R Truth will face MVP. That's random. I guess MVP is winning but I'm confused as to why this match is taking place. New Day, Forgotten Sons, Miz and Morrison( hey hey. ho ho) and Lucha House Party will face off in a fatal fourway for the Smackdown tag championships. You know what would make this match better? If it was a ladder match. Or elimination. Something other than a one-fall match we could see on basically any Smackdown. That said, I pick Miz and Morrison.

Tamina will challenge Bayley for the Smackdown women's championship. Oh, I just had a bad thought. What if Tamina somehow wins the title? She won't. Sasha will make sure of that. She might turn on Bayley very soon, though. Remember, it's basically because of Bayley that Sasha lost that qualifying match to Lacey. Maybe Sasha costs Bayley the title(but not Sunday) and we get Sasha vs Bayley at what I'm renaming "the biggest party at the performance center. To clarify, Bayley will successfully defend against Tamina Sunday.

Universal Champion Braun Stroman vs Bray Wyatt(is the Fiend character done already?) for the Universal Championship is the next one I'll discuss. I do think Braun is retaining. I don't, however, think this is the last we see of this feud(well, sort of). I'm sensing a SummerSlam rematch but this time, it'll be The Fiend vs Stroman. I know some may be asking why they didn't do that here. Maybe they're giving Fiend the big fight feel again like he had when he first debuted. Just a guess.

Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins. I never thought Drew was losing the championship to Seth. Even after Seth took Drew down(for a bit) after the contract signing, I didn't think Seth was winning this. Drew just as well be butter because he's on a roll. It's way too soon to take that title off him now. Drew will retain and I wouldn't be shocked to see Seth lose it and attack his hangers-on. Well, his hanger-on. Are AOP injured again?

Shayna, Nia, Asuka, Dana, Lacey and Carmella are the participants in the women's Money In The Bank ladder match. In case you haven't caught one of the 100 trillion times they've told you, the briefcase is on the roof of WWE headquarters. The participants will fight their way in and through the building to get to climb the ladder on the roof. Oh, and both the men's and women's matches will take place at the same time. I'll focus on the women's match first. I see this coming down to two women: Shayna and Nia. Let's face it, either one winning would infuriate fans-one more than the other. Nia is known as the one who injures people-at least lately. Lest we forget that iconic image of a bloody Becky Lynch during the Smackdown vs Raw Survivor Series scene last year? Nia did that. Come to think of it, did Becky ever get her revenge from that?

Of course, you could say revenge about Shayna winning the case as well. Becky and Shayna had their first championship duel at WrestleMania. Lots of people(including me) were genuinely shocked when Becky beat Shayna clean. I didn't think that feud was over after that match. I still don't. Also, Becky is going Hollywood, guys. She's in the new season of Billions and it looks like she has a role in a future Marvel movie. That's not going to leave time to be a WWE Champion. Becky might not be booked to be there Sunday but I'm thinking the next time she is booked, she's losing that championship. And I think it's to Shayna.

The men's Money In The Bank ladder match should close the show(unless there's a surprise title match where the MITB winner immediately cashes in and wins the title. Of the six participants, I'm going to give you the three with, I think, the best chance to win. No, I'm not going to do any Scott Steiner math. Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Corbin. That's right, I'm putting Corbin over a guy like Rey. I just don't think they plan on giving Rey another heavyweight championship shot. Otis and Black are just place-holders, filler. I could see either of the three I mentioned win. I could also see Drew Gulak turn on Bryan and cause him to lose. I think AJ is on borrowed time like Rey. That leaves us, for better or worse, with Baron Corbin. There is another option. I certainly don't like this thought I had earlier this week.

Remember last year when Brock Lesnar ended Ali's push by taking him out just as he was about to grab the case? I could see that happening again this year. Let's say AJ or someone is about to grab the case and Lesnar's music hits. Boom! Brock becomes the first back-to-back winner of the briefcase. I could see a similar situation in the women's match. Maybe Ronda takes someone out and steals their spot and wins the briefcase. That would accomplish two goals: tick off fans and give the winner an instant initial feud for when they become champion. I'm not saying I want this to happen. I'm just saying there's a high possibility that it will. I guess we'll see Sunday night.

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