Wrestle Review: Not A Great Week
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/18/2020 at 12:58 PM

With the combination of layoffs)or firings-whatever you want to call them) and the passing of Howard Finkel, wrestling and wrestling fans have seen better weeks.
Three weeks from tomorrow, we're going to see a first and I can't wait to see what this looks like! The Money In The Bank matches will begin on the ground floor of WWE's corporate headquarters. The briefcase will be hanging on the roof of WWE Corporate! I am very eager to see what this is going to look like!

The way WWE sent Sarah Logan out was classless garbage. They had Shayna "break her arm" Monday, the win was inexplicably given to her and most probably wondered why. Well, turns out you're not going to have someone advance if you plan to fire them two days later.

Next week will see Gulak/Corbin in a men's qualifier on Smackdown and Sasha/Lacey in a women's qualifier. I would pick Corbin but after what he did to Elias last night, I halfway expect Elias to show up and cost Baron the match, setting up Corbin vs Elias at MITB. Alexa and Nikki face the challenge of the thrown together tag team of Carmella and Dana Brooke. I don't see Bliss and Cross losing. It was pretty cool to see Big E and New Day win the tag titles for an 8th time. I know it's probably not cool to be a New Day fan but I don't care.

I won't go down the list of all the people who lost their jobs this week. I will, however, say this: a huge chunk of their "cost cutting by firing" could've been avoided if they, oh I don't know, didn't pay Goldberg and Lesnar the equivalent of two rock star houses, they could probably afford the people they fired. Although they hardly used them anymore anyway. It might be just as well they go where they're appreciated. You know Cody has to be licking his chops to sign some of these guys once this pandemic is over(whenever that will be).

Everybody stay safe. If you go out, wear a mask. Keep your distance. You know the deal. And finally, keep watching wrestling! Once more for the Fink: AND NEWWWWWWW! #RIP

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