Wrestle Review by: Andy Sullivan
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/11/2020 at 11:06 AM

The Revival finally being granted their release from WWE was a very pleasant surprise. It became painfully obvious that Vince just didn't know what else to do with these guys. They'd be a perfect fit, well, anywhere. Imagine them in AEW. They and the Young Bucks have already teased working together someday. Imagine if they went to AEW and Cody turned heel. We could get Cody, The Revival and Shawn Spears(New Four Horsemen) vs The Elite fronted by Matt Hardy. Sign me up for that!

However, it'll be a long time until that even has the possibility of happening. I say that because AEW has halted production. I wonder if a young company can handle a halt in production. I know TK has more money than Vince(and isn't that what matters) but at a certain point, I'd think that being out of work could cause issues. Let's face it, they're no different than any other big company who has had to halt production during this virus. My question is this: will any other wrestling company follow suit?

Roman Reigns says he won't compete until the Coronavirus is eradicated. I can certainly understand this and I would be the exact same way. That said, I'm sure Vince won't like that. You know what, though? Screw Vince! This is life and death here, Vince. Most people who have a heart and soul understand that. Its unfortunate that you don't. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox.

I ran through Raw, Smackdown and all the Impact Wrestling I've missed(which amounts to several weeks worth). In other wonderings: how in the world is Impact in better shape than New Japan Pro Wrestling? It's pretty obvious: Impact has a TV deal. New Japan does not. You can have all the extra things you want including an app but if you don't have a deal that gets eyes on your product every single week, your odds of survival are significantly lower. Will NJPW be a thing by the end of 2020? Probably. Will it be hanging on by a thread? Probably.

Looks like WWE is going ahead with Money In The Bank preparations in spite of the arena backing out. I figured they'd have all their events at the performance center from this point on anyway. Somebody might be a little stubborn. Naomi/Dana and Bryan/Cesaro ill happen next Friday as Money In The Bank qualifier matches. Obviously Naomi is winning. You don't think they'll actually push Dana Brooke, do you? Bryan would beat Cesaro under normal circumstances. However, if the rest of the Artist Collective are out there, who knows? I'd like another Cesaro push but I'm betting that ship has sailed. I guess we'll see what happens next week. That's pretty much the motto of life in general now, isn't it?

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