Wrestle Review: Hard-headed North Carolina Boy
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/28/2020 at 01:01 PM

Roman Reigns has dropped out of WrestleMania. That is totally understandable. For what he's gone through with his fight with leukemia, I definitely understand not wanting to compromise your immune system any farther. I know there are certain wrestling pundits who shall remain nameless that took Joe to task for this decision. To that person and those like him, I say...well I can't print that here!

As far as who will replace Roman and face Goldberg for the Universal Championship, I have a few ideas. General consensus(or fear, depending on who you listen to) is that Vince will put Braun Stroman in vs Goldberg. While many may think the ship has sailed and that they should've capitalized on the height of Braun's popularity in the past and gave him the title then(they should've), it makes sense to give him this shot. He just lost the I-C championship in that stupid 3-on-1 that harkened back to McMahon and the Stooges era, a championship win would be the perfect redemption story for him. Thing is, though, if given the match, he MUST be booked to win the title. There is another scenario I could see them going with. Surprise, surprise: this will also make "fans" unhappy.

What is this option? Plug Goldberg into the Cena vs Fiend match. Actually that won't happen because, from what I read, the Cena/Fiend match has already been recorded. I'm hoping for Stroman. I guess we'll see.

Oh by the way, I'm hearing this morning that Vince is the only one who wants WrestleMania to continue. Makes sense. Whatever Exalted One wants, Exalted One gets. Speaking of which, the Brodie Lee promo Wednesday night is a clear jab at Vince. Listen, I understand that, being held in a contract and not used to potential, you're going to want to blow off some steam. I only hope aril that AEW doesn't turn into WCW as far as taking every opportunity to take cheap jabs at Ole Man Vinnie. I have a friend that was an AEW mark before they even debuted. He assures that a Cody-led promotion wouldn't turn into WCW as far as always taking jabs at WWE. Well, they're not even a year in. I guess I should cut them some slack. TNA eventually quit taking jabs at WWE. Maybe AEW will, too.

I'm just now speeding through Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler is finally getting a one on one WrestleMania match?! What?! Never mind it's a throwaway match against Otis. I'm still glad Dolph finally gets one. Smackdown kept going with the illusion that Reigns would be competing at WrestleMania. I guess since this was recorded before the announcement, that's why. And they probably didn't bother putting it in there. The night ended with the news of Miz and Morrison vs New Day vs Uso's in a triple threat ladder match. That should be good!

This WrestleMania is certainly going to be unlike any other. I also wonder where the Cody/Jake/Lance thing is headed. I kinda want a spin the wheel, make the deal match. I'm probably the only one who likes that idea. At any rate, I'm interested to see how things play out all over wrestling, especially with our current state of things where it's pretty uncertain.

One final thought: WWE spreading out the NXT Takeover matches over the next few shows is a pretty good idea. I wonder if this match that will happen with Gargano and Ciampa is basically a "loser goes to Raw or Smackdown" match? In reality, nobody would want to lose that match. I mean, who would want to sit in catering for a few months because "we just don't have anything for you right now"? I'm thinking Johnny wins and Ciampa gets the dreaded call-up.

Everyone stay safe and keep busy while social distancing. Make you-tube and tic tok videos, Zoom, watch old WrestleMania's, anything to pass the time. Last Saturday I watched WrestleMania 18. I forgot about how brilliant the storytelling was in the lead-up to Rock and Hogan-not to mention the match itself. That's the stuff that is few and far between in WWE these days. I could go on and on about that. It's best to end here, though. Catch you guys next weekend!

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