Wrestle Review: The Goddess Returns
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/30/2019 at 04:37 PM

I've been catching up on AEW Dynamite the last few days and sometimes have to wonder if the new is already wearing off of the new company. I'm slightly intrigued as to why Allie's new tag team of her boyfriend Braxton Sutter and Silas Young(part of the mass exodus from ROH-I'll speak on that later) and their attack on Cody. Will they end up in the Inner Circle? Or will Cody be fighting two entities? Time will tell.

The Kelly Klein/ROH situation is nuts! They let her go and then do the unthinkable-block her on Twitter(gasp)! I don't know what's going on within that company. I would ask if they're going to be around next year but Impact survived some lean years. Maybe they can, too.

Is the world ending? Is the sky falling? Once in a blue moon, WWE listens to its fans(I think). That appears to have happened this past Monday when they turned Seth Rollins heel. I remember his last speech that turned him heel. He'd just come back from injury. He was in the middle of the ring and he had the fans in the palm of his hand. It was then that he lowered the boom and gave us his trademark heel laugh. He didn't reel anyone in Monday. Instead, he scorched the entire WWE locker room-blaming everyone but himself for losing at Survivor Series. The end of the night pairing with AOP aka J & J Security 2.0, was a nice touch. I suppose Raw Monday will start out with Seth and AOP in the middle of the ring. I think it should.

Luke Harper is seemingly orchestrating his exit from WWE. He trademarked the name "Brodie Lee" that he used in the independent circuit before his time with Vince and the not-so-merry melody makers. Imagine seeing him in AEW. Him in the ting vs LuchaSaurus would be something!

Friday night, we all got an early Christmas present, or should I say Bliss-mas present, when The Goddess herself. Alexa Bliss, made her long-awaited return, running down to the ring to save her friend and tag partner Nikki Cross from a beatdown from Fire and Desire.

Daniel Bryan getting his haired ripped out by The Fiend is something I'm fairly certain I've not seen before, at least in recent memory. I suppose we'll be getting a WWE Championship rematch at TLC with Fiend vs Bryan. I'd love to see those two in a TLC match! They will collide at TLC, that's for sure. After Bray dragging Bryan under the ring and reemerging with some of Daniel's hair, what in the world are we going to see in this rematch?

Alexa Bliss returned to rescue Nikki Cross from a Fire & Desire double-team. CharLynch get the Kabuki Warriors for the tag titles at TLC. Maybe Nliss and Cross will face Fire & Desire for the #1 contender right. Or maybe they'll re-tool and have a four-team TLC match for the titles. I know I'd be up for that!

Sheamus announcing his return, Elias reemerging, Lacey Evans seemingly in another title feud are just a few more fresh inputs into the Smackdown landscape. I'm thinking all of these combatants will be involved in TLC next month in some form or fashion. I can't wait to see!

$6,499 for a replica of the custom Fiend WWE Universal Championship is, well I won't be getting it. I've heard a couple say "yeah but you're not a fan of the artists' work". True, I've never heard of the artist. Still, that's a lot of money for anything, much less a belt.

This next week in wrestling should be good. What will the locker-room do after Seth basically scorched them all and now has backup again? What will be announced for TLC? What will happen in the continuing and odd sage of Daniel Bryan and the Fiend? Should be interesting to find out!

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