Wrestle Review: Kicked Into Full Gear
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/09/2019 at 12:08 PM

Cody Rhodes' promo this past Wednesday was the best he's ever done. Granted, he doesn't really have anything in WWE to pattern off. It was passionate. That's one of the building blocks of doing anything well, not just a promo. While I don't believe Cody beats Jericho for the AEW Championship tonight, it certainly heightened my interest for the match. Well done, Cody!

Shawn Spears will beat Joey Janella. This seems like a match that could happen on Dynamite. Maybe I'm wrong and it'll be special. I'm just not expecting a lot. Spears wins, possibly because of Tully. The Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz, who AEW are calling Proud & Powerful. I think the Bucks take the L here. Inner Circle probably gets involved.

Pac will defeat Hangman Page. The highlight of hi AEW career so far is losing to Chris Jericho in the inaugural AEW Championship match. Not the greatest distinction. Riho will retain the AEW Women's Championship. Since Brandi is doing these vignettes and is partnered with Kong, I can see Cody and Brandi someday becoming the power couple of AEW someday as it pertains to championships.

Sky/Kazarian vs Private Party vs Lucha Brothers for the AEW tag titles will be nuts. I see Pentagon and Fenix walking away with this with the titles.

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega in a "lights out" match will be insane! I'm talking Cracker Barrel Street Fight insane! It's impossible to predict a street fight. When I heard lights out, I actually wondered if they were going to fight in the dark. I think that, after a bloody battle, Mox defeats Omega. I'm thinking Omega will eventually snap.

Chris Jericho defending the AEW Championship against Cody is our main event. Cody has said that if he doesn't win the championship, he'll never challenge for the title ever again. If you believe this, I'm here to tell you that you've just won $100 million from Publishers Clearinghouse. Jericho will retain. Cody will find a way around his own edict eventually. Cody will be champion someday. Just not tonight.

Now, let's get into WWE. The most interesting thing to me, happened last night on Smackdown. It appears that we were introduced to The Fiend's next feud. As you know if you've been watching, Sami Zayn has been trying to recruit Daniel Bryan to, and this is laughable, "help his career". Yes, WWE, a former 2 time WWE Champion, former IC Champion, tag champion, current hall of fame member and probably, when all is said and done, could be a 2X HOF'er, needs Sami Zayn. Well, The Fiend showed up and Zayn scattered. I don't know if this union is happening, guys.

How about Snoop Dogg remixing Sasha Banks' theme music?! That's pretty big and I dig it. My friend Brian texted me last night and said, " I don't hate Sasha Banks". To which I replied "Me neither". I'm not going out to buy a Legit Boss shirt or anything but, I must say I'm becoming a fan. I like the new edgy Bayley, too.

I'm not ignoring NXT. I just haven't watched this week yet. I do like the NXT/Raw/Smackdown thing. I think NXT's mystery guy will be Johnny Gargano. DIY at Survivor will be unbelievable! Of course this makes me expect WWE to invade NXT.

The wrestling world is pretty great right now. So much is happening. There's so much to cheer. If one isn't your bag, go to the next option and so on and so forth. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it: what a great time to be a wrestling fan!

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